Help for Parkinson Sufferers?

Question: from June

I’d like to let you know that my husband has been following your protocol (provided by Joanna) and recommended dosage and starting to feel better (He has been taking Total Balance Mens Plus, Omega 3 and Arthrit-eze.) Thank you again for your guidance!

Recently we saw his physician on his Parkinson’s. The doctor would like my husband to try “D5 Mucuna” and “CysReplete” combo. to help reduce his Parkinson’s symptoms and hopefully reduce Carbidopa/Levodopa meds. that he has been taking. Have you heard of these supplements?

The info says that D5 Mucuna has 300mg of Mucuna Pruriens per Capsule and CysReplete has 134mcg of Selenium, 133mcg of Folate & 1500mg of L-Cysteine HCl per 2 Capsules.

We’re all for trying to reduce his PD meds.. So, I’d like to know your candid opinion on these supplements and to see if there would/might be any negative interaction between Xtend-Life supplements he’s currently taking and these supplements.

Answer: from Joanna (Medical Nutritionist for Xtend-Life)

I am pleased to hear that your husband has seen some improvement. It is also good that his doctor is looking at more long-term alternatives to medications, and more natural forms of levodopa.

As well as his Total Balance Mens Plus, Omega 3/ DHA and Arthrit-Eze, don’t forget the potential use of our Neuro-Natural Memory for Parkinson’s disease. We have discussed this before as a more overall supplement for the nervous and neurotransmitter system, including ingredients to strengthen and improve these systems that may contribute to nerve reaction and stabilization. This could be used in conjunction with the below, but as a longer-term supplement, perhaps continuing after his 3 month Mucuna.

I have looked at the products. D5 Mucuna is a potential product but studies have only been conducted in the short term, and this particular product does contain a higher dose Mucuna extract, so I would develop some degree of caution here. There is a similar product called HP-200 which has more study references, which has been tested effective up to 3 months.

This may be worth looking at as at least this is the product used in testing procedures.

HP-200 uses around 400mg mucuna daily, as opposed to a very high 1200mg per day offered by D5. I would perhaps look at a lower potency for the initial 3 months, and retest for improvement to evaluate where to continue thereafter. Note also that D5

Mucuna has only been proven effective when used in combination with conventional drugs. I am unsure if studies pertain to its sole use. If they do, then this again is only for a short-term study. Longer term studies I believe are currently being conducted.

There is no mention of the actual levodopa content of D5, so this would be interesting to know.

So, my suggestion with this product would be to perhaps look at a similar alternative such as HP-200 which seems to have more info available for it’s use and potency, and try it for an initial 3 months and then re-evaluate with your doctor (and us if you wish).

Cysreplete is advised in addition to using higher dose Mucuna because the higher dose Mucuna does have the possibility of depleting sulphur and minerals in the body. This is its main action. It’s claims for neurotransmitter effect as a sole supplement isn’t worthwhile in my opinion, so it is to be taken only if you are taking a Mucuna product, in order to avoid depletion of additional minerals.

Your husband can continue to take Total Balance Mens Plus, Omega 3, Neuro-Natural Range Memory (and Arthrit-Eze) whilst taking these supplements without intervention for the 3 month trial prior to evaluation.

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