Options for Wrinkles?

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Question: from Pam

Could you tell me is there a tablet you can take which has hyaluronic acid in it? I have read where it is really good for the skin. A lot of cosmetic surgeries are using it as a wrinkle filler (juverderm). Would this be safe to take or have it injected into your skin. (Certainly does wonders for the wrinkles…so the pictures say!!)

Answer: from Warren Matthews of Xtend-Life

There are various tablets on the market that contain hyaluronic acid. It is a cheap ingredient so they should not be expensive. I have reservations about their efficacy though and as such we don’t produce them or recommend them. I don’t see any problems related to using it as a topical option though.

Don’t underrate the importance of using a good general anti-oxidant multi-nutrient supplement as a protection against wrinkles. This is much more important for the skin than what most people realize. If you are having an adequate intake of essential nutrients it helps the body’s mechanism for breaking down old skin and renewing it.

This mechanism is compromised by smoking and is one of the reasons why smokers develop wrinkles faster than non smokers. So, even if you are not a smoker it still makes good sense to you ensure that you maintain a good intake of nutrients that will help this mechanism and slow down the development of wrinkles. The broad spectrum of nutrients in all our versions of Total Balance will help achieve this objective.

It is also good to add our Omega 3 DHA fish oil as well.

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