Free 'Drug' cuts Cancer Risk up to 75%...Part 1

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by Warren Matthews of Xtend-Life

This ‘drug’ can….

  • Reduce Breast Cancer – by 35 – 75%
  • Reduce Prostate Cancer – by 75%
  • Reduce the risk of getting colon, pancreatic and other forms of cancer.
  • Reduce the risk of various autoimmune disorders.
  • Reduce the risk of a Heart Attack or Stroke.
  • Reduce the risk of osteoporosis
  • And….much more.

PLUS…there are no side effects and it will actually make you feel better!

And, to top off all these benefits this ‘drug’ is FREE. And, you don’t have to rely on your insurance to pay for it.

The fact that it is free is one of the main reasons why you have not heard much about what it can do. There is no profit for anyone in promoting it. In fact, there are powerful vested interests who simply do not want you to know the truth about this because if everyone knew the truth the negative financial implications for the pharmaceutical industry, the medical devices industry and the medical industry in general would be significant.

OK, so what is this WONDER drug?


Hmm…I can already sense some of you thinking, “What a load of nonsense! All that you will get from sunlight is cancer”

If you are thinking that, then it is a reasonable and not unexpected reaction. After all, almost every day certainly in the summer time we are constantly bombarded with messages via all forms of media, to stay out of the sun, and if you have to venture out in it make sure that you have a big floppy hat and smother any exposed parts of your body with a high SPF sunscreen!

This ‘brainwashing’ has got through to a large percentage of the population who actually believe this nonsense. (I will tell you more about why it is nonsense shortly and provide the proof in a later article).

What is interesting is that even so called ‘educated’ people including Doctors and dermatologists actually believe it as well. As an example of this there is a lady Doctor who wrote a piece on Skin Care for Yahoo the other day and it was published on their home page. In addition to her suggestion advocating Botox she said that the best thing that you can do for your kids is to make sure that you keep them out of the sun.

Maybe she thinks that they would be better off playing computer games inside whilst munching on some potato crisps? What she is inadvertently doing is setting up children for serious health problems later in life.

In this two or maybe three part article series I will give you irrefutable evidence that supports how the sun is indeed a ‘wonder drug'! I will also refer you to reading material from a world authority on the subject and if you take the time to read it and do some further study you will end up agreeing 100% with what I say….unless you have a vested interest in selling sun screens and floppy hats.

But first…let’s have a brief look at why we have all this paranoia about being out in the sun! What is it that everyone is afraid of? I know you know the answer but let’s spell it out.


The question is. Is this a valid concern?

In order to answer this we have to consider the various forms of skin cancer.

There are three types:

The two most common forms which make up about 90% of all skin cancers are called Basal Cell and Squamous Cell Carcinoma’s.

There is no question that these skin cancers are caused by excessive exposure to sunlight. Please note the key word here excessive. These cancers are found on areas of the body that have the greatest amount of exposure to sunlight.

But the likelihood of dying from either of these two skin cancers is very low. I will give you the statistics in a moment.

The least common form of skin cancer is Melanoma and this is the type that the ‘anti-sun’ lobby has ‘latched’ on to and use to promote fear of the sun. Melanomas can be deadly! No question about that. What is fascinating though is that there is not a scrap of evidence to support that Melanomas are caused by excessive sun exposure!!

In fact, they rarely appear in areas that are exposed to the sun. Generally they are found in areas such as the soles of the feet, in the armpit and other non exposed areas. This is not widely known. The suspected cause of Melanoma’s is as most other forms of cancer…nutrient deficiencies. This is why it is so critical that you maintain a supplement regime with a multi-nutrient such as our Total Balance.

Skin Cancer Statistics

In order to put these figures into perspective bear in mind that prostate cancer kills 1 in 4 men who get it.

1) The most common form of non melanoma cancer is Basal Cell Carcinoma. Your chances of dying from this are 1 in 2,600. And if you are unlucky enough to be the one in 2,600 then you have not been looking after yourself very well as these are easily dealt with so you would have to ignore it in order to become that 1 in 2,600.

2) The next most common form is Squamous Cell Carcinoma. If you get this and ignore it then your chances of dying are indeed greater at 1 in 700.

Now, the interesting thing is that these two cancers which are sun induced make up 90% of all skin cancers! The other 10% is the 3rd one.

3) Melanoma’s. If you get a melanoma then your chance of dying leaps up to 1 in 7. Almost as bad as prostate cancer! BUT the cause of melanomas is NOT the sun although the sun is promoted as the culprit. Ironically there is evidence to suggest that lack of sun exposure increases the risk of Melanoma’s.


The common forms of skin cancers (90%) are not life threatening. They can easily be avoided and if contracted can easily be treated.

The dangerous form of skin cancers which is melanoma is not caused through sun exposure.

Hopefully this will set the record straight about the cold hard facts of skin cancer!

The interesting part of this series of articles will begin with the next issue when I will begin to explain just how you can take advantage of one of the best natural disease prevention protocols which has been around since time begun.

I will tell you why the sun can do all those things that I referred to at the beginning of this article. And…as I said for any skeptics reading these articles I can point you to indisputable evidence supporting everything I am going to tell you.

In good health,

Warren Matthews of Xtend-Life

PS. Did you know that sun screens over the last 30 years have actually contributed to non melanoma skin cancers? I will also tell you why they have contributed to the wrinkly skin of baby boomers who used to be sun worshippers.

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