Food remedy for low thyroid

Despite high levels of awareness in modern societies, thyroid dysfunction remains one of the most under-diagnosed disorders. This is essentially so because the symptoms of thyroid dysfunction are very general. Many people keep moving from pillar to post with symptoms like:

* Sudden weight gain.
* Loss of libido.
* Mood changes.
* Fatigue and exhaustion.
* Abnormal Hair loss.
* Muscle and joint pains.

actually relate to. The symptoms are either shrugged off as being normal due to some factor or another. Fatigue and exhaustion is normal for those who are growing older and going beyond middle age. Weight gain is obvious when you have a desk job and no exercise. Mood changes are something that everyone goes through anyway.

Such explanations keep people from looking at the symptoms in a holistic manner. Individual assessment of these symptoms is likely to result in prescription of antidepressants, pain killers or vitamin supplements. And none of these will actually solve the problem that is probably the root cause of all these symptoms.

Being overweight is embarrassing at times. You do not like the guy you see in the mirror. You get labeled as a fat lazy person who eats too much. What adds insult to injury is that even your doctor refuses to believe that you are not eating more than before because even specialists are known to harbor certain preconceived notions about obese patients.

The fact is that hypothyroidism, a condition of an under active thyroid gland, can affect metabolism to such an extent that the body ends up storing every calorie that is ingested. And a low rate of metabolism can lead to weight gain that even the strictest exercise regimes and diet may not be able to combat.

The problem, therefore, is not with the amount you are eating or the extent to which you are exercising. The root cause behind the weight gain is an under active thyroid. This needs to be treated with proper thyroid treatment.

Treatment of an under active thyroid usually focuses on hormonal supplements. Thyroid medications alone, without the aid of a thyroid-friendly diet, are inconsequential. A thyroid-friendly diet as a part of natural thyroid medication will target the underlying nutritional deficiencies. A well planned out food remedy for low thyroid should ideally include:

* Raw foods.
* Juices: Carrot, parsley and celery.
* Watercress.
* Fruits especially apples.
* Prunes and nuts.
* Poultry.
* Seaweed for their rich iodine content.
* Chlorophyll rich green teas and herbal tea extracts.
* Natural sources vitamin E, for their properties of preventing damage from environmental pollutants in air, water and food.Sometimes thyroid disorders are never completely cured. And therefore it is a good idea to support your treatment with an alternative approach. This approach is likely to include weight management, exercise, therapies that help in combating depression and insulin resistance and other such crucial factors. Alternative thyroid treatments can help in weight reduction while working on your confidence to ensure that you have a smooth life.

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