Natural Vision Correction – Helmholtz vs. Bates – Who is Right?

Natural Vision Correction Helmholtz vs. Bates Who is Right?At the end of the nineteenth century two men influenced today’s world in a way that everybody who has eye problems experiences their impact without even knowing their names.

Both of them tried to find a vision correction solution for people with eye problems, and both of them came to different conclusions. Today, almost 150 years later, you are in charge to decide who was right.

Hermann von Helmholtz was born in the beginning of the nineteenth century. He was a German physician and physicist who is known for his mathematics of the eye, theories of vision, perception of sound, and empiricism. In physics he is known for his theories on the conservation of energy�

Well, I can go on and on with fancy words and Hermann’s great achievements in the world of science but let’s first have a look on how his researches influenced our world today.

Buckle up and read on, it’s getting interesting.

I spare you the details and cut to the chase� in 1855 Helmholtz conducted research on how the eye focuses on objects and concluded that the eye focuses by changing the shape of its lens. In his opinion the shape of the lens is determined by two muscles around it.

So his solution for eye problems was to put another lens in front of the eye to make up the difference, as a physicist would conclude.

The ophthalmic industry has adopted Helmholtz’s theory and argues that the only options to correct eye problems are glasses, contacts or eye surgery!

Dr. William Bates on the other hand was an American ophthalmologist with a different theory� in 1901 he finished developing a method what became known as the Bates Method for better eyesight, a natural vision correction method.

Dr. Bates conducted research and concluded that it was not the muscles around the lens that changed its shape, but rather, the external muscles of the eye. He believed that tension of these muscles could extend or shorten the eye, and in turn change the shape of the lens.

He also discovered that nearsightedness or farsightedness is due to chronic tension in these external muscles. If the patient would learn how to relax these muscles, the focusing problems could be reduced or eliminated.

Let’s stop here for a second� isn’t it interesting that eye specialists still operate under a theory that is not just more than 50 years older, but also established by a physicist, and not my one of their own.

The reject the theory supporting natural vision correction established by an ophthalmologist, but promote the one that’s unnatural and established by a physicist, I wonder why?

It might have to do with the fact that when Bates revealed his findings to the ophthalmic industry, it was already quite profitable with selling glasses. Maybe eye specialists concluded in their research that it was more profitable to sell glasses rather than helping people to improve their vision naturally�

Even though I don’t think the Bates Method is enough for long-term natural vision correction, there are a few more factors to consider that are the actual cause for the eye muscles to get tense and to strain, he was surely much closer to a helpful solution than Helmholtz or most eye specialist in his time and today when it comes to improving vision.

Yes, eye problems can be the result of an emotional trauma from the childhood or rooted in a problematic back or neck. You might also have poor vision because you are consuming too much refined sugar or not enough good fats.

There are many possible reasons that go far beyond a wrongly shaped lens.

Even though Bates didn’t get it 100%, maybe he only got it 50% or 30% right, but at least Bates’ research empowers you to believe that you yourself can improve your vision. You can get better eyesight without glasses or surgery for the rest of your life because like any other muscle in the body, the ones in the eye can be balanced out to work properly.

And if you really had enough of your glasses, take the responsibility for your life right now and start training your eyes and improve your vision today.

Contributed by Evgania Mehler

Evgania Mehler is an internationally recognized expert on natural vision correction and the author of the book “The Truth About Eyesight – The Paradox Of Glasses”. She has helped thousands of people to improve their vision naturally in live seminars and through her DVD course Unleash Your Vision. For more information go to

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