Home Cures for Ear Aches and Ear Infections

Ear aches and ear infections can be a problem for both children and adults.  Earaches can be caused by an infection in the ear, outer ear, or ear canal.  Earaches can be painful and is an inflammatory process of the auditory canal.  It can cause dizziness, nausea, and of course pain.  Earaches can be caused by earwax build up and water in the ear as well.

There are many home cures used for earaches and all claim to be successful in taking care of the pain.  Pain with fever, chills, or other symptoms signal a doctor should be consulted.

Here’s an old favorite of many people involving onions.  Onions are a popular vegetable to treat many medical problems the homeopathic way.  This one is especially for earache pain.

Fry a large amount of onions until the onions are brown.  After cooling, drain them through cheesecloth or other cloth and allow the liquid to cool.  Place a drop of the cooled liquid in each ear to reduce pain.

Have a little vodka in the cupboard?  Place a cotton ball soaked in vodka behind the outer side of the ear.  Using a cotton ball soaked in warm olive oil and placed in the ear will also help ease the pain of earache.  Try a combination of olive oil and grated onion.  Heat it over the stove; drain it, after it cools put two drops in each ear for pain.

For kids and babies, home remedy cures include using one teaspoon of olive oil with five drops of lavender oil.  Heat the combination, soak a cotton ball and place the ball behind the outer ear.  You should not use this mixture as eardrops!  Once you have used the liquid, throw it away and do not reuse.

Another favorite ingredient of many home cures is garlic.  This time, you should soak a cotton ball in the garlic and place it in the ear.  You also may grind two garlic cloves and add two spoons of mustard. Heat this combination on medium temperature until the garlic starts to burn.

Cool the liquid, strain it and drip two drops in each ear.  Also using garlic, cook five garlic cloves with three tablespoons of olive oil.  Strain it, cool it and use them as homemade eardrops.

Apple cider vinegar is great to have in the cupboard because so many home cures use this ingredient.  Two drops of apple cider vinegar is touted as a cure for earache pain.  Many people would blow cigarette smoke in the ears to warm the eardrum and ease the pain.  This works, as it is a method I use when I have an earache.

A great idea for babies and toddlers is to use lavender oil.  Place it under the ear and then cover the ear and the lavender oil with a glass for a few minutes.  Be careful when you use home cures for children’s earaches.  Severe ear infections left untreated may cause permanent hearing loss.

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