Does Vitamin D prevent Cancer?

Question: from Brenda

In your Total-Balance product, does it contain enough naturally compounded vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol) to prevent cancer? If not, which brand should I get the Vitamin D3 to prevent cancer? I learned recently that enough Vitamin D is the key to prevent cancers.

Answer: from Warren Matthews of Xtend-Life

Recently there has been quite a lot of publicity extolling high dose Vitamin D as a ‘cancer prevention’ protocol. There is no doubt that Vitamin D is a factor in helping prevent cancer, but it has to be put into perspective.

The sad fact is that a high proportion of the general population is deficient in Vitamin D and that is without doubt a factor in contributing to an increased risk of cancer. In other words it is not a matter of taking mega doses of Vitamin D but rather ensuring that you don’t have a deficiency. Remember that most cancers are due to a nutrient deficiency!

It just so happens that lately the focus has been on Vitamin D. The same ‘principles’ could apply to folic acid, or maybe zinc or any one of a multitude of other nutrients. The reality is that if you have a deficiency in any of a broad array of nutrients then you are at risk for contracting cancer.

OK…back to your question, “Is there enough Vitamin D3 in Total Balance”. The answer is yes…under normal circumstances. As with many other