Risk Factors for Colorectal Disease

Colorectal disease can encompass many different types of conditions. Some of these disorders may be just a nuisance while others can be very debilitating.

Diverticulitis is a colorectal disease that can cause severe abdominal pain and occasional bleeding. Small pouches or sacs in the lining of your bowel can get infected and cause these symptoms.

Colitis is a group of conditions that can cause inflammation of the large bowel. When a person has colitis they will experience rectal bleeding, abdominal cramping and urgency. There are some forms of colitis in which the cause is unknown.

The main type of colorectal disease that everyone should be concerned with is colorectal cancer. This is the second leading cancer killer in the United States. The first leading cancer killer is lung cancer.

It is important that everyone be aware of the risk factors for colorectal disease, especially colorectal cancer. By knowing your risk factors you can get the appropriate screenings and detect colon cancer early enough for a cure.

The exact cause of colon cancer is unknown. However, there are specific risk factors that you need to be aware of.

Your age is a big risk factor in the development of colorectal cancer. This type of cancer is more common in people over the age of fifty. Your chance for developing colorectal cancer increases with each decade.

Your gender can have an affect on the type of colon cancer you develop. Women have a higher risk for colon cancer while men have a higher risk for rectal cancer.

Your personal history plays a huge part in your colorectal cancer risk factors. Women who have a history of ovarian, breast or uterine cancer will have an increased risk for developing colorectal cancer.

If you have a personal history of chronic inflammatory bowel diseases such as colitis or Crohns disease then you are at an increased risk for developing colorectal cancer. Regular colon cancer screenings are a must if you have any type of colon disease.

A family history of colorectal disorders and cancer will increase your chances of developing colorectal cancer. If many members of your family have had colon cancer then your chances will increase even more.

A lot of these risk factors you cannot change. However, there are risk factors that you can change.. If you eat a diet that is high in fat and calories and low in fiber you are increasing your chances for developing colon cancer.

If you are overweight, or if you smoke or drink alcohol then you are increasing your risk for developing colon cancer. A lack of exercise will put you at risk also.

It is estimated that people with diabetes will have a 30-40% increased risk of getting colorectal cancer. If you are a diabetes it is extremely important that you keep your blood sugar levels under control through a healthy diet and medications.

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