Diarrhea Distress and How To Cure It

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Diarrhea is a distressing problem that normally will go away in a few days.  It can become severe and last for much longer.  People who suffer from Irritable Bowel Syndrome will have bouts of diarrhea for days.  Children can suffer chronic diarrhea after a bout of infection.

Diarrhea is when the bowels are loose and runny and you find yourself going several times a day.  If left unchecked, diarrhea can cause dehydration especially in infants and small children.  Some medications, stomach sickness, virus and allergies can cause diarrhea. 

If the bout of diarrhea does not go away by itself in a few days there are ways you can ease the symptoms and stop it.  One of the most common home cures especially for children is the bananas, rice, applesauce, and toast diet.  This method is more effective when you add tea and yogurt with active cultures.  This diet should be followed for several days because it contains foods that will add bulk to the stools, and the active cultures in the yogurt will balance the enzymes in the stomach. 

The rice used in the diet should be brown rice because it has more fiber than white rice.  The toast should be whole wheat for the same reason; it has more fiber and will add bulk to the stools.  You should eat applesauce and not drink the apple juice.  Again, the applesauce will have fiber and natural pectin where the juice will not.  Pectin works naturally to firm up bowel movements. 

Other natural ingredients for diarrhea home cures include:

* Peppermint
* Boiled sweet potatoes
* Coriander leaves
* Lemons
* Pomegranates
* Honey, garlic, and carrot soup

One of the most effective cures uses what you normally would have.  Mix a teaspoon of honey and a teaspoon of vinegar in a glass of water.  Drink this mixture half an hour before you plan to eat a meal.

Pomegranate peel can be boiled and drink the juice twice daily.  Add a little honey to sweeten this juice.  Pomegranates can also be squeezed and the juice used as a drink to cure diarrhea.

Mix corn, potatoes, and garlic together and mash.  Eating this mixture is said to cure diarrhea.  You may also want to boil sweet potatoes and eat those, or make homemade carrot soup.  All are recommended as diarrhea home cures. 

Other herbal cures for diarrhea include drinking chamomile or peppermint tea, or make the tea out of coriander leaves.  Two teaspoons of oregano blanched in water for 10 minutes makes a drink that is a great home remedy for diarrhea.  You can do the same with mango and guava leaves.

Here is a simple home remedy that you may already have at home.  Squeeze out the juice of one lemon.  Put it in a glass and add one tablespoon of milk.  Drinking that mixture will help the symptoms of diarrhea.

If you or your child has a bad case of diarrhea, be sure to watch for signs of dehydration.  Keep the fluids replenished even though it seems like it is not staying in your system.  If you suspect dehydration, it is time to talk to your doctor.

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