Anal Fissures – What Causes Them?

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An anal fissure is simply a cut or a tear in the skin surround and within the rectum. The most common cause of an anal fissure is trauma to the anus, and anal canal. Most people can distinctly remember when the pain started, and when they first had an anal fissure. In some cases an anal fissure can be brought on by nothing more than a bowel movement. Sometimes diarrhea or hardened stool can also cause an anal fissure.

Can my Doctor Cause an Anal Fissure?

Yes! This may sound very strange, but anal fissures can also be caused by doctors. How is this done? One may go to the doctor for a prostate exam or for treatment of a different condition or for a check-up. During this exam a doctor may use colonoscopy which is a method used to check the inner anal canal for changes in prostate size, or for other anal diseases.

It is highly recommended that once you reach the age of 50 and over, you perform a colonoscopy to keep track of your prostate, as the majority of elderly people have prostate problems, which can only lead to more problems in the future. Whilst a doctor is performing this exam, it is very possible for the device to be inserted incorrectly, or cause some damage to the outer and inner skin of the anus; this may cause an anal fissure. Rendering the conclusion that a colonoscopy and anal fissures are related to one another.

What are Some Other Ways a Doctor can Cause an Anal Fissure?

• Using a rectal thermometer
• Using an enema to clean the anal cavity (this is also performed by one’s self in the privacy of one’s home.
• Using an endoscope or an ultrasound, which are other ways of examining the prostate gland during a prostate exam, or colonoscopy.

How Can an Infant Develop an Anal Fissure?

Infants are very commonly prone to anal fissures. The most common term for this is ‘rectal bleeding’ and is very common among infants and toddlers. This can actually occur during birth. During child birth, there is plenty of pressure to the entire body of the infant, and during this time the perineum (which is the small area of skin between the anus and vagina on a female, or the small area of skin between the scrotum and the anus on a male) can be torn, which results in rectal bleeding, and therefore will cause an anal fissure.

What are Some Other Causes of Anal Fissures?

The more extreme causes of an anal fissure may even include anal cancer. While this is generally a pretty rare occurrence, anal cancer may cause an anal fissure, as the skin surrounding the anus is more prone to infection or cuts. When an anal fissure occurs further away from the anus or more common area of an anal fissure, can lead to further suspicions of anal cancer.

When this outer skin is infected by an anal fissure, suspicions will arise and it is possible that the fissure was caused by a number of factors including: leukemia, TB(Tuberculosis), herpes, cytomegalovirus, gonorrhea, syphilis, Chlamydia, chancroid, or even Human Immunodeficiency Virus (also known as HIV or AIDS). While these are obviously very severe diseases, it is very rare for this to occur, and is usually only found in extreme circumstances.


There are many causes of anal fissures, the most common being simple trauma to the anal area, while the most severe being life-threatening illnesses such as cancer or HIV. Even doctors can mistakenly cause an anal fissure, so every precaution should be taken when visiting a doctor, or when doing anything near the anal cavity as an anal fissure can easily occur.

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