Alternative Treatments for Acid Reflux

Alternative Treatments for Acid Reflux

Suffering from acid reflux is no fun, and when you look at all the treatment options out there, you may wonder what is right for you.

There are plenty of prescription and over the counter medications that can help reduce the symptoms of your acid reflux, but if you are leery about pumping your body with medications, then an alternative route may be best. The following are all alternative treatments for acid reflux that you may try before heading to your local pharmacy.

There are a number of reasons why you may shy away from taking medications when you have acid reflux. For many people, they simply do not want to take medication. For others, they may be afraid of interactions or side effects. Luckily, for mild forms of acid reflux, you can try some of the popular alternative treatments.

Diet: The first thing you will want to do when you want to treat your acid reflux without taking medication is to look at how you can change your diet. Did you know that many cases of acid reflux are directly related to the foods you eat?

If you can pinpoint the foods that are giving you problems, then you can work to eliminate the triggers altogether. Many doctors actually recommend keeping a diet journal. This will help you remember what you ate and then when you do suffer from acid reflux, you can look back to see what could be causing the trouble.

Also note when and how much of each type of food you ingested. Sometimes, simply eating food late at night can cause acid reflux. Changing your diet is certainly the biggest way to help subside your acid reflux without taking harsh prescriptions or over the counter medications.

Taking herbal supplements: You may not want to take prescriptions, but there are many supplements that you can buy at your local health food store that will help your acid reflux. Hydrochloric acid is one such supplement.

You should make sure that you are not taking certain other medications when you choose this route, such as aspirin or Mortrin. This type of supplement will actually help your stomach adjust the amount of acid it produces and will help you with your acid reflux. Brewers yeast is also another supplement that can be taken with acid reflux.

How about orange peel? It may sounds strange, but orange peel or orange peel extract can help you prevent acid reflux. In fact, oranges are known to help ease an upset stomach, so it makes sense that orange peel extract would help acid reflux. You can purchase this extract at your local health food store and experiment to find the dose you need.

Acupuncture: For those who are adventuresome and believe in holistic health, then why not try acupuncture? This ancient art can help heal just about anything, even acid reflux. When you are looking for someone to help you with your acupuncture therapy, make sure you find someone that is certified for the safest and the best results.

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