The Down Side Of Appetite Suppressants

The Down Side Of Appetite SuppressantsSo many of us, in America, are wanting to lose a few extra pounds. We are a society of consumption and often have an appetite that is bigger than what is needed to sustain our bodies. People are afraid to adopt a healthy diet because it is often seen as them depriving or starving themselves of something.

Fact is, controlling your appetite and starving yourself are two very different things. There are plenty of foods that are good for you and still make you feel full. In fact, you might even start to feel better if you are eating the right things!

Appetite suppressants are not nearly as popular as they once were. Years ago, they were often used by those who wanted to shed a few pounds and were too lazy to put in any kind of real effort. They have lost their popularity because of the vast list of side effects that they cause. Some of them are abdominal pain, anxiousness, addiction, loss of sleep, impotency and too many others to list right here.

On top of all this, studies have shown that these appetite suppressants are only short term and do nothing to deal with obesity in the long term. As soon as the suppressant is stopped the weight packs itself right back on.

Doctors tend to avoid prescribing these medications to help people control their appetites. If somebody is in dire straits and everything else has failed a doctor might see no other choice in prescribing an appetite suppressant, though.

Natural medicines are good for suppressing the appetite because they do not carry with them a laundry list of side effects. They work very differently than the commercial appetite suppressants in that they stimulate the metabolism.

Farcinia cambogia has been used for hundreds of years because it is extremely effective at suppressing the appetite and speeding up metabolism. Guarana, hoodia and taraxacum officinalis are also great if you are looking for that extra edge and plan to eat a bit healthier alongside them.

Something that many of us are guilty of is comfort eating. This is often a result of being in a depressed mood. St. John’s Wort is an excellent herb that can help you get rid of those ‘down’ mood swings and attack the problem at the source.

Be sure to let your doctor know which herbal medicines you have decided to use. Just like any other medicine, herbs can counteract with other things that your doctor has prescribed for you. Avoid that ice cream cone or hamburger when you can and chip away at the pounds a little at a time.

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