Health risks for obesity

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There is a broad consensus among experts that the paradigm shift in lifestyles that has occurred in the last two decades is the primary reason behind increment in the number of obese people.

Most of us tend to treat obesity as a cosmetic problem because we so want to get slimmer. But we do not generally realize the underlying, collateral health risks. Obesity is also associated with psychological and social factors. This is primarily due to the unnecessary emphasis that the society puts on physical appearance.

Obesity is not a disease. But it is indeed an invitation to disease. Many experts even opine that there is a definite link between premature deaths and obesity. The irony is that only small measures can help in herbal weight loss. All that is required is proactive behavior to ward of the ill effects of postponement.

Obesity can potentially affect multiple organs in the body resulting in various diseases, some of which can be as serious as cancer. A close look at the possible affects of obesity is enough to express the seriousness of the condition. Obesity can have significant implications on an individual’s general health.

Pulmonary disorders like Asthma are normally associated with allergic reactions. But obesity is one of the major non-allergic reasons behind Asthma. Apnea, the transient cessation of respiration, is another breathing disorder associated with obesity.

The extra weight that the legs and joints have to bear usually leads to cartilage damage. This can easily give rise to conditions like osteoarthritis and joint pains. Gout is a painful inflammation of the big toe and foot. And there is enough evidence to suggest that obese people are at a higher risk of developing gout, which otherwise is mainly caused by high uric acid levels.

Heart Disease and Hypertension have become a major cause behind death and disability. High levels of Cholesterol and blood fats are linked to heart diseases and Hypertension. Developing such conditions is also related to overweight.

High levels of Cholesterol and fat lead to blockages in the blood vessels. When this condition affects the vessels that supply oxygen to the heart, it causes a condition known as Angina, a common reason behind what is known as a silent Heart Attack.

Cancer, perhaps, is the most unlikely disease that one would associate with being overweight. The fact is that overweight women are more prone to carcinoma of the breast, ovaries, cervix, gallbladder and uterus. Obese men run an increased risk of developing cancer of the colon, rectum or prostate.

The list of disorders linked to obesity goes on to include higher risks of developing Diabetes, gallstones, liver damage, problems with reproductive system and psychological conditions like depression.

All this can be avoided with a little care. Controlling ones diet can go a long way in keeping you away from such conditions. If you opt for weight loss medications at a stage when you are already obese, then you have to cope with the accompanying side effects that can be as risky as obesity itself. Weight loss solutions that include natural weight loss programs like exercise and a change in lifestyle are more beneficial for overall health and can create a better resistance to disease.




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