Exercises to Lose Weight – Choose the Ones That You Enjoy Doing

Our ancestors did not need to go to the gym and exercise to lose weight because they did not gain weight in the first place. They had a very active lifestyle that involved hunting for food, collecting fallen tree branches for firewood and being constantly on the move as nomads.

When villages were set up they were still involved in hunting and building shelters which provided them sufficient physical activity. Food was scarce and the human body adapted in a manner that it stored food as fat, which could be used for energy as and when the need arose.

Man moved from villages to towns to cities and metropolises and along with it found ways and means to reduce physical activity. However, the body retained its natural process of storing fat for emergencies.

And this today is probably the reason why we have a large number of overweight people across the world. Man is yet to discover a magic pill or formula to bypass the process of storing fat. Exercise is still the best, rather the only healthy way to lose fat.

Exercise for Weight LossEveryone hates to exercise unless strongly motivated. Exercise is indeed hard work. But it does not have to be drudgery because you can choose exercises that you enjoy. Some less rigorous ones may take more time to show results but almost all exercises result in some form of natural weight loss to an extent. Maybe you can use some helpful tips that will help you locate one for yourself.

  • Walking is perhaps the easiest. A 30 minute morning walk every day, 3 to 4 times a week if you cannot make it everyday, will keep you fresh and active. It will also promote weight loss. You may start with shorter walks and gradually move up to an hour. Pre dinner walks work equally well.
  • Swimming, that is if you can swim, is an enjoyable experience. Start slow and limit yourself to the strokes you already know. Gradually, as your conditioning improves, try to learn more strokes. If you do not know how to swim, you can choose to stick to water aerobics without moving towards the deep end of the pool. The resistance offered by water is sufficient for exercise while you go through the motions.
  • Joining a gym does not necessarily mean that you have do all the exercises and use all the equipment that you see everyone doing. Talk to the physical trainer there and seek help for selecting the ones you can easily do. You will make friends from the group who will keep you motivated.
  • Depending upon what you like doing the most, cycling, tennis, badminton and aerobics too are good activities for maintaining health, fitness and ensuring weight loss.

The basic idea is keep up a certain level of physical activity, which our sedentary lifestyles denies us. Along with exercise it also necessary that you eat healthy foods but in moderate quantities.

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Originally posted 2008-06-25 13:40:34.

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  1. [...] Another fellow blogger placed an interesting blog post on Exercises to Lose Weight – Choose the Ones That You Enjoy DoingHere’s a brief overviewOur ancestors did not need to go to the gym and exercise to Lose Weight because they did not gain weight in the first place. They had a very active lifestyle that involved hunting for food, collecting fallen tree branches for firewood … [...]

  2. Great post. Burning fats and weight loss is not the only the reasons why we should we exercise, because there is more than that. Exercise helps you increase your metabolic rate. In that case, you’ll burn calories faster than being idle at all times. Also, exercise prevents our body from certain unwelcome illnesses and prevent us from having cardiovascular diseases, hypertension, stress and even diabetes. You don’t have to go to the gym and workout to get exercise. And don’t think of exercise as boring and inconvenient. Exercise routines have ways of becoming fun while giving your body full blast benefits, making you physically strong, look good and feel better emotionally, spiritually and mentally. We know that exercise is among the least priority of yours, but next time you find yourself in a position, making things right and ready to be healthy, think of exercise as the easiest and cheapest way of looking and feeling better.

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