Choosing Immune System Health Foods

Staying well is probably the most important thing that we all have in mind long term. The sad part is that are so busy with our rushed routines that we do nothing about it. Left to ourselves, most of us probably would prefer to sleep late, rush to eat on the way to work rather than choosing a relaxed time in the morning to eat breakfast and get ready for work.

Family patterns are changing all over the world, even in societies that once swore by living together. Gone are the days when mothers and grandmothers made sure that their children, youngsters and adults alike had their meals at home - meals that they prepared with the primary objective of maintaining family health.

A fast life that includes starting the day with a cup of coffee, an overdependence on junk foods and little time for homemade food has led to a drastic increase in the incidence of disease, especially immune and autoimmune mediated diseases. There is unquestionable evidence that food and lifestyle are strongly related to immune system health.

The immune system comprises a group of cells that are the first line of defense against intrusion of foreign substances, infections and disease. Ever wondered how a mild infection vanishes on its own without the need for the antibiotic alternative? Well, it is your immune system at work.

Choosing health foods for boosting your immune system does not require a lot of effort.  However, it does definitely need a substantial amount of patience and will power to resist temptations. It is guaranteed that the benefits that you are likely to derive from such a practice will far outweigh the denials to your taste buds. Rest assured, once you make them a part of your daily diet, you will start relishing them as much as any other oily or fat-rich foods.

Carbohydrates are essential for energy, something the immune system uses for fighting disease. Proteins are necessary for making enzymes that eventually help the immune system to kill bacteria and viruses.

Enzymes are also necessary for the GI tract health and for easy elimination of toxic material. Fats serve as a fuel for the immune system. It is all about choosing the right kind of carbohydrates, proteins and fats. Here are some of the health foods that you can switchover to improve your immune system health:

  • Carbohydrates: Whole-wheat bread, couscous, pasta, brown rice, barley and cereals like oatmeal, shredded wheat and bran cereals
  • Meat Proteins: White meat turkey and chicken, lean red meats and fish
  • Plant Proteins: Nuts, beans, peanut butter, tofu and other soy products
  • Fats: salmon, mackerel, herring, halibut, albacore tuna, anchovies, trout, sardines, flaxseeds oil, cold pressed oils, pumpkin seeds

Too much sugar is unhealthy and also promotes the growth of cancer. Avoid sugar as much as you can and also processed white bread products like cookies, cakes and pies. While using meat, make sure you de-skin poultry and trim off the fat in steak and pork.

Herbs for immune system also play an important part in strengthening the immune system. Herbal teas and herbal supplements should be made a part of daily diet to derive the maximum benefit. You can ensure a healthy diet, but there is a limit to preventing environmental hazards that induce diseases. Herbal antibiotics are a healthy substitute for managing mild ailments.


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