Think You’ve Avoided the Winter Flu? Well… Think Again!

Even with warmer weather approaching (we hope) we are still not out of the woods with regards to flu season. Although this is surprising to most, the flu epidemic can often stretch into spring, which looks to be the case this year.

Geographic location also plays a role… the flu hits the hardest around February in the Northern Hemisphere and September in the Southern.

So, for those who have manage to avoid the flu throughout the winter and thought they were home free– think again!

In addition, most people are also misinformed about the flu vaccine itself, believing that it prevents infection completely. This is not the case– the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention states that while the vaccine helps prevent serious disease, it is not to be considered a cure-all.

Given the uncertainty of the vaccine’s effectiveness (for those who did get the vaccine), as well as the lengthy flu season this year, taking additional steps to prevent the flu is a wise decision.

Why isn’t the Flu Vaccine a Cure-all?

Mutations of the various influenza strains vary each season, and flu vaccines contain a mixture of strains– which explains why it must be adjusted yearly.

What’s more, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has already initiated plans to modify next year’s flu vaccine, as all three strains used in the concoction have already shown mutations.

How to Avoid Getting the Flu as Winter Ends

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle and diet are the first steps to providing a sound platform to support wellness and vitality in the body, which includes getting proper sleep and regular exercise.

Many people are unaware that there are effective homeopathic alternatives to the conventional flu vaccine. Orally administered, homeopathic flu vaccines may be used by all ages and can help to prevent influenza infection–without the side effects and complications sometimes experienced by the conventional flu vaccine.

There are also many natural remedies that can help to promote immunity and build resistance to common ailments, as well as help lessen the severity of an occurrence. Herbs such as Hypoxis rooperi and Astralagus membranaceus help to boost the immune system (both which are found in ImmunityPlus) and act as strengthening tonics. Echinacea is another powerful herb that has been shown to greatly support the immune system, and thus help the body to ward off the flu virus.

However, sometimes getting sick is just inevitable, given the numerous different strains of the virus– combined with the unfortunate ease of transmission.

Natural herbal and homeopathic remedies have been proven to be extremely beneficial in alleviating the effects of influenza without drying out the mucus membranes (which can happen with conventional decongestants) or robbing the body of good bacteria (which can happen with conventional antibiotics).

Using a natural cold and flu remedy will not only help you to address the underlying cause of influenza, but ensure that you maintain optimal health and well-being.

Other effective healing herbs that provide a natural cold and flu remedy include Yarrow, Elderflower, and Peppermint. When these herbs are combined together, they can help to reduce fever and act as an inhalant to relieve chest congestion effectively. Remember to source herbal remedies from a reputable company, as therapeutic dosage and ingredient quality is important when using herbal medicines.

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