Combat Eczema Naturally

One in ten people are affected by the common inflammatory skin disease, eczema. Other skin diseases have similar symptoms to eczema, so it is wise to have a proper diagnosis from your doctor. Eczema commonly affects the hands, behind the knees and the elbows but it can also be found almost anywhere on the body. Eczema is extremely itchy and typical symptoms are thickening, scaly patches of skin that become red and fissured. Sometimes tiny blisters appear called vesicles that rapture, weep and eventually crust over.

There many different types of eczema which are allergic (contact dermatitis), asteatotic (affects the legs, manly in the elderly), atopic (affects the face, neck, elbows and knees), discoid (round lesions that affect the trunk and leg), lichen simplex (caused by irritation of the skin), photoallergic (caused by sunlight on sensitive skin), pompholyx (affects the fingers, hands and soles of the feet), seborrhoeic (affects the face and scalp) and statis (affects the lower leg).

Eczema has been linked to food allergies, so it would be wise to consult a nutritional therapist to discover which foods trigger the eczema. Typical trigger foods for eczema are diary products, wheat, soya, nuts and eggs also other chemicals additives in foods such as histamine, salicylates, benzoates and aromatic compounds found in spices can trigger eczema symptoms. In studies, when heavy coffee drinkers stopped drinking coffee their eczema symptoms improved, so coffee may well be another food allergy for eczema sufferers. Avoiding irritants such as hot water and soap can also be beneficial to eczema sufferers. Following a vegan type diet with plenty of seeds, leafy green vegetables, whole grains would be beneficial to the eczema sufferer.

The following supplements may help if you are suffering from Eczema.

Aloe Vera gel
Borage oil
Evening primrose oil
Fish Oil
Multivitamins and multiminerals
St John�s Wort
Vitamin C
Vitamin E

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