Aquatic exercises for sciatica: getting relief the easier way

Low back pain can be extremely uncomfortable, especially when it is sciatica pain. Sciatica pain travels along the back, up to the feet and can get so agonizing that it can put a stop to normal work schedules. In many cases walking and standing can also become fairly painful.

Sciatica pain is actually a symptom and points towards disorders such as compression of the sciatic nerve. The compressions occur due to distortions that occur in the vertebrae of the spinal column. Sometimes they can be caused by non-spinal column related disorders like the piriformis syndrome.

There are sciatic nerve treatments available that use conventional drugs, epidural injections, and surgery. Like all conventional medication regimes, conventional sciatic nerve treatments also are beset with side effects that can be extremely difficult to handle.

Alternative therapy is one therapy that offers relief from sciatica without any side effects. Some of the therapies that form a part of sciatica alternative remedies are homoeopathy, natural remedies, chiropractic, herbal cure and massages, acupuncture, acupressure, and exercises. In fact, specific exercises for sciatica are recommended by most of the conventional therapists as a part of the overall sciatic nerve treatment.

Sciatic exercises help in alleviating pain and tension in body muscles since they work on specific muscles that cause the pain. They also work on the entire body and coupled with the sciatic nerve treatment, provide a welcome relief from pain. Exercises actually initiate a process that activates the discharge of endorphins in the body. Endorphins block pain signals and prevent them from reaching the brain and also help in reducing anxiety and depressive feelings.

A certain kind of exercise regime that is recommended as part of the sciatica treatment is the aquatic exercise regime. Aquatic physical therapy has been in use for a fairly long time and has been used to aid better blood circulation and toning stressed muscles.

The concept of aquatic exercises appreciates the fact that the patient is already experiencing pain and therefore excess stress on the muscles can get difficult. Exercising in water minimizes the effects of gravity and makes it extremely easy for a sciatica patient to follow the basic steps that need to be carried out. The feeling of weightlessness that one feels makes the process a pleasure. The natural aversion to exercise that one is likely to feel when one is in pain, can be countered well by opting for aquatic exercises. It also reduces the risk of an accidental injury that can be caused while performing basic exercises on land.

Sciatic patient should understand that an exercise regime is extremely important for the overall healing process. And in case regular exercises are too painful and difficult to manage, aquatic exercises offer a relatively easy alternative. The best way to get the maximum benefit of the exercise is to be regular with a specific process under the guidance of a qualified therapist. The therapist is likely to give you an idea of the pace at which you should proceed and assist you with specific exercises that are most apt for you.

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