How Appendicitis Can Affect You

How Appendicitis Can Affect YouYour appendix is below and to the right of the stomach. The appendix can get a blockage in it and become swelled up. When this happens an infection can set in causing a medical emergency.

The age groups most prone to getting appendicitis are ten to thirty, though it can happen at any age. Typically, if it is caught early and treated there are no further problems or long-term consequences.

If medical attention is not seeked out the appendix can rupture. This is very serious because the infection will begin to spread through the abdomen. Worst case scenario is a fatal infection.

Any number of things can tell you that appendicitis is setting in. The most evident is severe pain in the abdomen. This pain will originate around the belly button and travel down and to the right. It also gets progressively worse over a period of 6 to 12 hours. Other symptoms might include: nausea, swelling in the abdomen, constipation, fever, purging or diarrhea.

Be cautious because the above symptoms can signify another event. Appendicitis symptoms are similar to that of kidney stones and Crohn’s disease. Your doctor will give you a complete physical of your abdominal area and discover the origin of the pain. Likely, the doctor will take blood and urine samples, CT scan, ultrasound and several X-rays of the abdominal area.

There is no single reason that people get appendicitis. Things that can lead up to it are cancer, an object in your gastrointestinal tract which does not belong, a hard turd or an abscess. Other gastrointestinal problems often migrate to the appendix, as well.

Appendicitis usually leads to the surgical removal of the appendix. This is not a big deal because the appendix does not serve a known purpose, anyway. The recovery time from this surgery is very fast and it is easy to get back on track with life, afterwards.

After the surgery, your doctor will prescribe antibiotics to fight off whatever infection is left behind. Make sure that you take supplements that will boost your immune system because these antibiotics also kill off the good bacteria.

There are several herbs that can be taken to help with your post-surgery recovery. Echinacea purpurea, withania somnifera and inula helenium are great immune system boosters. They will all three help you to recover more quickly and get back to life, again.

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