A Cup a Day for Your Health

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Green Tea is a simple and ancient beverage that has been researched and proven to have enormous healing properties. Not amazingly, the Internet is chock-full of information and resources on Green Tea.

In all my research on Green Tea I have yet to discover even one negative thing written about it, all reports have been favorable! Green Tea is reported to be a preventative for all sorts of ailments including many cancers, heart attacks, strokes, gum disease, cavities, and Bad Breath.

Green Tea is a wonderful alternative to morning coffee. If you are concerned about giving up your caffeine hit, don’t worry.

You will still get the caffeine (although one cup of Green Tea contains less than half as much caffeine as a cup of coffee) but the benefits of switching are worthwhile. Besides, you could always drink an additional cup to make up for the caffeine loss if you must. I rarely drink only one cup of tea at a sitting. My personal preference is to make my tea with loose tea leaves or buds over the tea bags, but the convenience of having tea bags or even the capsules are nice options.

There are several varieties of Green Tea available for you to brew, each offers its own unique flavor. Commonly known varieties include Pouchong Tea, Gunpowder, Dragon Well, and my all time favorite Green Tea blend, Jasmine.

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