1st Chakra Aromatherapy Silver Locket

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  • 1″ diameter pendant.

    • The Hindu word for the first chakra is Muladhara meaning ‘root.’ It is positioned at the very base of the spine .

    • Made of sterling silver and enamel, this magnetic hinged locket was developed as a Hindu amulet for holding aromatherapy essential oils, Gemstones and prayers useful for balancing the root chakra.

    • This classic Hindu pattern of design is a visual stimulus of pattern and color for meditations nurturing the 1st chakra. Designed to hold a whetted cotton ball or pad, the release of aromatherapy essential oil fragrance keeps the mind conscious of intention and stimulates the chakra via the brain’s olfactory system.

    • The aromatherapy essential oils most helpful for improving the emotions and organs associated with the root chakra are Patchouli, Vetiver, Cedarwood, Spikenard and other root oils.

    • The sterling silver locket may also benefit the wearer when used to hold precious Gemstones, keepsakes and written prayers.

    • When in balance the root chakra gives a sense of belonging and security. It connects one to the physical plane of existence and is the source of self-preservation and survival. When one has no ‘roots’ there is a feeling of disconnection and fear for safety. Our most basic needs are governed by this chakra, and financial Stress and feelings of dependency are negative emotions that arise when it is not functioning properly. Possible physical effects of imbalance manifest in the sacrum and lower lumbar vertebrae; also, the elimination processes may suffer.

    • To help balance the root chakra it is helpful to spend time outside and walk barefoot on the earth. Gardening is greatly beneficial to Muladhara. Another technique to bring this chakra into balance is to relax oneself and visualize the color red while repeating the Hindu chant LAM. Hold your intention where your seat connects to the ground and allow the sound to vibrate there. This exercise energizes the 1st chakra. Wearing the sterling silver locket will give further benefit.

    • Gemstones that resonate on a harmonious frequency with this 1st chakra are Black Tourmaline, smokey Quartz, Bloodstone, hematite, Onyx and pipestone. The representative color red is symbolic of the element earth.

An 18″ Box Chain is included at no extra charge!

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