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Fun Ways to Make Your Home Healthier


Fun Ways to Make Your Home HealthierEvery day you bring toxins and pollutants into your home. It’s just part of living in a modern world.

There are steps that you can take to get rid of the toxins and to reduce your exposure.

However, these steps are often time-consuming and occasionally they’re expensive.

For example, making your own cleaning products can take more time than simply buying a cleaner at the store.

And solid wood furniture is much cheaper than furniture made from fiber board, but it’s also more expensive to clean.

While it may seem like many steps to make your home healthier are a chore, there are some fun things that you and your family can do to embrace a healthier home.

Fun Ways to Make Your Home Healthier

1. Garden with Your Family

Gardening is something that you and your family can do together. You don’t need a ton of space to garden.

You can plant fruits, vegetables, and herbs in small containers or you can build a raised bed for your lawn, patio, or deck. Small spaces along your home, in the front yard, or next to the driveway can be maximized too.

Plant seeds indoors in the spring. Ask your children to help with the planting. When the weather is right, transplant the seeds to your garden or containers.

Plant foods that you and your family enjoy – that will make tending to the garden and harvest time more enjoyable. Plant organic seeds and keep your garden chemical free to enjoy healthy produce.

2. Visit the Farm (or Farmer’s Market)

Another way to bring healthy foods into your home is to take your family to the farm or market on a weekly basis. You can buy local organic produce including milk, meat, and eggs at the market. It’s an outing your entire family will look forward too.

You’re not only supporting your local economy and local farmers, you’re also supporting sustainability and ensuring that the food you bring into your home is healthy and chemical free.

3. Wash the Dog

Fun Ways to Make Your Home HealthierDogs are notorious for bringing pollen, dust, and debris into the home. Even if you keep your lawn and yard chemical free, they can pick up toxins from other yards.

Once a week, get outside with your family and wash the dog. It’s fun, your dog will smell better, and they won’t bring as much into your home.

4. Make Your Own Bath and Body Products

Children love crafts. Put them to work and spend a day creating soaps, lotions, and even shampoos and toothpaste. There are easy and child-friendly recipes you can use.

It’s a great project for a rainy day and your children may even look forward to bath time if they’ve had a hand in creating their own products.

Creating and maintain a healthy home doesn’t have to be all work and no play. Get your family involved in making your home healthy. It’s more fun and they’ll be more likely to appreciate the efforts.

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