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Fun Fourth of July Games


The Fourth of July is tomorrow, and your kids might be searching for fun Fourth of July games to play. Your kids might not have any ideas of their own. If this is the case, you might want to give them a few of these suggestions.

Flag Relay

One activity your kids might wish to try is a flag relay. Here is how to play the game:

Gather together a number of little American flags, sufficient for each individual playing the game. Then split the kids into 2 teams with equivalent numbers, whenever possible.

Put 2 buckets filled with sand at one end of the yard and establish the starting point at the other. Put the flags into the buckets with an equivalent number in each one.

When you say “go,” the 1st kid will race to the bucket, pick up a flag, then head back to the next team member. They are not allowed to run back, however. They may walk or march. When they progress to the next team member, they will tag them and that individual will race down to acquire their flag.

Continue the game until each team member has sped down to apprehend a flag. Let the kids save their flags. If your town is having fireworks, the kids will have flags to wave.

Bicycle Parade

Kids love to ride their bikes. Encourage them to adorn their bicycles and have a mini bicycle parade. If you live in a neighborhood, suggest the other kids likewise adorn their bicycles for the parade.

Ask the other parents in the vicinity to help their kids decorate their bicycles. One parent might wish to lead the kids on their bicycles. Young kids without bicycles may likewise take part by adorning wagons they can sit in.

Cake Decoration Competition

You might have seen the TV shows where squads adorn cakes in a challenge. Why not hold your own cake decoration competition? Your kids do not have to decorate a whole 3-layer cake, but you will be able to have them decorate a single layer or cupcakes.

Supply each kid with a single layer cake or a cupcake. You will also wish to have patriotic-colored icings. It might be required to buy white pre-made icing then add different amounts of food color to create the sought after red, white and blue colors.

In addition to providing icing, you will likewise want to have sprinkles and additional decorations available. Allow the kids to adorn their cake layer or cupcake any way they wish. Naturally, besides having a bunch of fun adorning the cakes, they will enjoy consuming them even more.

The Fourth of July is a good holiday to celebrate as a family. Kids might feel like they do not have a lot to do. Using one of these fun Fourth of July games or activities will afford your kids something to do while the food is cooking or parents are otherwise occupied.

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