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Fruit Masks


All these fruits make a good mask when mashed and used alone or with honey and oatmeal. Check out the chart to find the mask that best fits your skin care purpose.

* Tomato: Tones and removes blackheads
* Strawberry: Good for oily skin.
* Peach: Smells great and works for dry or normal skin.
* Banana: Moisturizes
* Apple: When grated and mashed, will soothe and heal acne.

Related Natural Product

Do you want to give your skin a bonus? This special Deep Active Hydrating Mask For Her has been designed to complement our face creams and to give the skin on your face a periodic hydrating boost. If your skin is already perfect, this product will help keep it that way!

If, like most of us, it is not…it will be a step in the right direction towards getting it perfect! This is not a ‘mask’ like you may be used to… In other words, you don’t walk around the house with a green or blue face for 30 minutes.

When you put it on, it is visible as a natural color. Over 20 to 30 minutes, Deep Active Hydrating Mask For Her actually disappears as it soaks into your skin…a bit like drenching your skin in ‘goodness’.

The mask is a unique blend of rich plant oils, plant-and-vitamin-based antioxidants, and essential fatty acids and lipids. These nutrients work together in synergy, to give your skin just what it needs to help regenerate itself.

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