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Fresh Cleansing Cream


Designed to replace soap, this cream will remove dirt and make-up and
refresh the skin. To use, massage into skin and then wipe off with a
warm washcloth.

* 4 tbsp lanolin
* 2 fl. oz almond oil
* 1 tbsp glycerin
* 3 tbsp rosewater
* 1 tsp zinc oxide ointment
* 6 drops rose scented geranium essential oil


Melt lanolin. Gently heat the almond oil and glycerin together. Gently
warm the rose water.

Slowly pour the oil and glycerin mixture into the lanolin, beating

Gradually add the warmed rose water to the lanolin and oil mixture,
beating continuously. Allow to cool.

When cool and creamy beat in the zinc oxide and essential oil. Spoon
into prepared jars. Will last 4 weeks.

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