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Latest Articles on NHH

natural health articles

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Air Fresheners, Oil Recipes »

[1 Apr 2010 | No Comment ]

* Lemon 100 drops
* Mandarin 40 drops
* Cinnamon 30 drops
* Patchouli 30 drops

Gather dried leaves, flowers, and small wood shavings. Crush these plant materials to the desired size. Place 1/2 cup (120 ml) of plant material in a widemouthed glass jar, and add the Essential Oil formula. Stir the contents well and tighten the lid on the jar. Let the potpourri sit for several days to allow the aroma molecules to be absorbed by the plant material.

These recipes are from “500 Formulas for Aromatherapy” by Carol & David Schiller

Anxiety and Depression »

[31 Mar 2010 | No Comment ]

Seasonal Affective Disorder: Who Gets It, What Causes It, How to Cure It

Product Description

Smyth discusses treatment methods for SAD, or winter depression, used in clinics and describes how increased exposure to light helps sufferers experience a major mood change and energy rise…. More >>

Seasonal Affective Disorder: Who Gets It, What Causes It, How to Cure It

Insomnia, Sleep Disorders »

[31 Mar 2010 | One Comment ]

Questions and Answers About Sleep DisordersPeople are often curious about sleep disorders or else they suspect that they may have a sleep disorder and therefore they have lots of questions about sleep disorders. OK, now when you have a sleep disorder of course it won’t take a genius to know you’ll have trouble sleeping!

But there are plenty of medicines to help you sleep, the problem with these medicines is (as most know) they make you drowsy, yeah sure it said on the box “please make sure you can get a good full 8 – 9 hrs of sleep before taking” but come on, everyone’s worried about “well what if there’s a fire, will I wake up?” the solution to making sure you can get up in case of emergency?

Yeah, well, sorry no solution to walking up, except maybe make sure that if you are going to take sleeping pills that you have another adult in the home with you. Come on it’s a sleep medication! It’s doing its job if you can’t wake up!

Herbs For Health, ADD/ADHD »

[31 Mar 2010 | One Comment ]

Treating ADD and ADHDIncrease Brain Function Naturally, Don’t Medicate & Mask the Symptoms

With summer vacation more than half over, the start of the new school year is quickly approaching. As anxious parents start the preparations for getting their children back-to-school, the parents of children with learning disabilities cope with the added pressure of a potentially rocky transition from an easy summer schedule to the structured school environment.

This transition can be very difficult for children diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) because they often have tremendous difficulty behaving in a structured environment, performing well academically and even simply getting schoolwork completed.

The hardest part for children with learning disorders like ADD and ADHD is that they genuinely want to be able to focus, do their work and learn without distraction like their peers, but it is simply too hard for them to achieve on their own.

In many cases, these children become extremely frustrated with learning because regardless of the effort they put forth, they oftentimes cannot stay focused or retain the necessary information.

Reflexology »

[31 Mar 2010 | 5 Comments ]

The Reflexology Atlas

Product Description
A fully illustrated and comprehensive reference guide to the many different kinds of reflexology

• Provides reflexology treatments tailored for a wide variety of common health disorders

• Contains step-by-step instructions illustrated in full color

Of all the ancient practices that have been revived by the growth of alternative healing, reflexology is one of the most popular. It is easy to learn, can be applied anywhere, and is e… More >>

The Reflexology Atlas

First Aid, Injuries, Bites »

[31 Mar 2010 | No Comment ]

Arnica to Heal Bruising Arnica (Arnica montana and Arnica fulgens) is an herb that grows in the mountainous areas of Europe, Siberia, and Canada. It also grows in high altitudes of the north-western United States. The rhizome (root) and flowers are used in herbal medicine to treat swelling and bruising.

Flowers are harvested when they are at the peak of blooming, and the rhizomes in autumn, when nutrients and healing constituents are stored in the roots for winter.


Arnica creams, ointments, gels and tinctures are the usual forms. Homeopathic “pillules” and gels are also common forms of the herb. Arnica is applicable in the following situations and injuries.

* Local trauma (bumps, bruises, swelling)

Sprains, bruises, and other blunt trauma to the body can be treated with arnica, provided the skin is not broken. It is especially effective when swelling is present. Arnica moves fluid through tissues, keeping it from accumulating, and improves the blood flow to the injured area.

Heart, Blood, Circulatory »

[31 Mar 2010 | No Comment ]

Congestive heart failure prognosisCongestive heart failure (CHF) is a chronic heart condition that leads to reduced blood flow to the body because of the reduced ability of the heart to pump efficiently. After diagnosis your cardiologist or primary care physician will recommend treatment protocols based on your current health, any underlying medical conditions and the causative factor for the CHF.

Any heart failure is a very serious problem and is often a chronic problem. This means that once diagnosed you will have congestive heart failure for the rest of your life. The prognosis of your condition, or your long-term outlook, is dependent upon several factors. The first factor is your overall general health. Individuals who are diagnosed with congestive heart failure by who are healthy overall have a better long term prognosis than those who are diagnosed with congestive heart failure and already carry several other underlying chronic medical conditions, such as diabetes, cancer or kidney failure.

Joints, Bones & Muscles, Oil Recipes »

[31 Mar 2010 | No Comment ]

Pre Sports Rub* 2 drops rosemary
* 1 drop lavender
* 1 drop eucalyptus

First, blend all the essential oils together, then add to 4 teaspoons of a massage oil base (or any plain base/carrier oil).

Stir gently to mix and apply to the body prior to exercise.

Looking for a low impact ab workout? lap band
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