Flu Season is Around the Corner – Are You Ready?

The influenza virus, or flu, is a viral infection that can be easily passed along from person to person. It attacks the respiratory tract, nose, lungs, throat and bronchial tubes. There can also be a problem with inflamed muscles and joints, which are also painful.

The way it spreads is through the air in the form of tiny droplets. A cough or sneeze is all that is needed to send this nasty infection all throughout the room. The cells in the victims airways begin to replicate themselves in six short hours.

The symptoms of the flu are understood by most everyone, because it is so common. Nevertheless, it is still easy to mistake the symptoms for those of a severe cold. The flu virus is way more serious than a cold and can cause major problems with your health, even death in rare cases.

Symptoms of the Flu

Standout symptoms of the flu include fever, extreme fatigue, muscle aching, congestion, chills, headache and cough. Not every case of the flu shows all of these symptoms, though. If you have severe symptoms then it is wise to get into the doctor as soon as possible. For example, if you have bird or swine flu then you cannot self diagnose based on your symptoms. There are a lot of different illnesses that produce symptoms which are flu-like so make sure that you try and rule these out before seeking medical advice.

When the virus wages war against the body it directly attacks the body’s cells and starts mutating into other forms. There are a large number of different flu strains so it is hard to protect yourself, even if you choose to receive a vaccination. Aside from spreading through the air you can pick up the flu from items that other people have touched such as a telephone, doorknob or television remote.

If you come down with the flu the best thing you can do is make sure that you rest a lot and drink clear fluids as often as possible. Doctors usually recommend that high risk groups receive a vaccine. These groups include children, elderly and professionals that work in an environment which is high risk.

Most of the time, those who contract the flu feel better in one to two weeks. For others, there can be major problems that result from it such as nerve damage, pneumonia or brain damage.

Flu Prevention is best

It is important to keep your immune system strong and healthy, especially during flu season. Herbs that have been proven useful for boosting the immune system are Hypoxis Rooperi and Astragalus Membranaceus. Take these along with healthy doses of vitamin C to keep your immune system up to date.

In addition, vaccinations do not provide protection against certain strains of influenza such as the avian flu or bird flu, so taking preventative measures can greatly support your health.

Follow these helpful hints to reduce your chance of becoming infected with the influenza virus this season:

  • Wash your hands frequently, particularly underneath your fingernails
  • Eat immune-enhancing foods that are chemical-free and organically grown
  • A daily cup of natural organic yogurt can reduce your susceptibility to flu infections
  • Cover your mouth or nose with a tissue when you cough and sneeze
  • Drink eight glasses of water daily to cleanse your body’s system
  • Increase your supplement intake with Vitamin C and cod liver oil
  • Strive to obtain consistent, adequate sleep and regular exercise help to ward off infections
  • Reduce stress by practicing relaxation techniques, exercising, or listening to music
  • Avoid sharing personal items such as cups with someone who has the flu
  • Limit your alcohol consumption, as alcohol dehydrates the body and leaves you more prone to infection

Natural remedies which can help prevent or treat the flu:

ImmunityPlus: Provides complete and effective immune system support

KiddieBoost: Supports healthy immune functioning in children

BaniFlu:  Homeopathic remedy protects against flu virus and germs – safe for all ages

Mucus-Clear: Homeopathic remedy clears phlegm and relieves throat congestion

FluGo: Homeopathic remedy relieves symptoms of the flu or cold like cough, runny nose, fever, sore throat and fatigue

Throat and Tonsil Dr.: Homeopathic remedy relieves sore throat, swollen glands & inflamed tonsils

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