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Since the dawn of time flowers and herbs have been a precious part of our lives, many years ago in ancient times flowers were used not just for their decorative beauty and delicate perfumes, but they were also used to make remedies to heal and protect against illness.

Although many of the remedies and ointments were not written down and recorded. The traditional uses of flowers and herbs have survived through stories and knowledge passed down through family and friends. Now with the wide interest in natural health and the interest by many in connecting with the goddess within and the mother Earth. The flower and herb wisdom is yet again growing in popularity.

Through the next few pages Empathy Online will endeavor to research and record our findings on flower and herb symbolism, we hope that this information will provide you with a greater understanding of flowers and herbs.

Flower meanings:

Butter cup – wealth and happiness.

Carnation – admiration from someone.

Chamomile – healing energy.

Chrysanthemum (RED) – I love you.

Chrysanthemum (WHITE) – truth.

Clover – kindness and luck.

Daffodil – inner beauty and clarity of mind.

Dahlia – self worth and respect.

Daisy – innocence and love.

Dandelion – all knowing.

Geranium – joy and healing.

Freesia – friendship, love and fertility.

Forget-me-not – true love and remembrance.

Foxglove – ambition and strength.

Heather – peace and relaxation.

Holly – good luck and warm wishes.

Honeysuckle – fertility.

Hyacinth – gentleness and inner beauty.

Iris – hope.

Jasmine – love and balance.

Lavender – wanted answers coming your way and healing.

Lilac – first love and memories.

Lily – purity, joy and spirituality.

Marigolds – sorrow and sadness.

Mistletoe – overcoming tasks.

Pansy – thoughtfulness.

Poppy – peaceful sleep.

Primrose – standing strong for what you believe in.

Rose – love and beauty.

Rose (RED) – love.

Rose (YELLOW) – friendship.

Rose (CORAL) – desire.

Rose (PEACH) – modesty.

Rose (DARK PINK) – thankfulness.

Rose (PALE PINK) – grace.

Rose ( ORANGE ) – fascination.

Rose (WHITE) – innocence.

Snapdragon – clairaudience and energy.

Snowdrop – hope.

Sunflower – happiness.

Sweet William – not trustworthy.

Tulip – love.

Violet – visions and dreamland. wisdom.htm

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