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Flower Remedies and Health


Flower Remedies and HealthAn example of a complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) that is truly complementary is the Bach Flower Remedies. That’s because you can use them with any other single or combination of therapies from conventional through the CAM spectrum.

You can use them alone or while you are being treated with other remedies. And they work on the basis that improving your emotions, to change them from negative to positive, will help the healing process from within.

They restore your mental balance to prevent disease starting in the first place or stimulating healing when you are ill.

It’s all to do with the real you. You are unique. No one else is exactly like you. You have your individual mix of genes and traits that make you react to stress and illness in a particular way.

You might fight a disease or you might give in to what you think is inevitable. You could become depressed and miserable, or carry on cheerfully.

Emotions are part of the health picture and you need to think about them in recovering from illness. And, these Flower Remedies are part of that. They don’t treat symptoms such as pain or high blood pressure. They look after personality, lifestyle and emotions.

Dr Edward Bach developed these remedies as a series of liquids extracted from plants. They are produced in dropper bottles and the extracts are in brandy to preserve their activity.

The first thing you need to do is decide on the kind of person you are. It’s important to be truthful here. Write down your traits, strengths and weaknesses. Use adjectives such as aggressive, agitated, capable, clever, daydreamer, energetic, frustrated, helpful, intolerant, jealous, negative, popular and so on.

You could get a close friend or relative to confirm your thoughts if you wish, just to make sure you are being truthful with yourself, but you don’t have to.

Then you survey the remedies to find out which are closest to your assessment of you. It may take one or several to make up your complex self. Ideally it should be fewer than six or seven. (In my case it was three.)

Follow the instructions for taking the liquids and look forward to improvements. Generally, they work quickly if you are treating a short-lived problem. But, they take longer if you are working on a chronic problem. If you’ve had it for months the remedies won’t work in only a few days.

As treatment progresses, you can adjust it to suit the way you feel, by adding or removing remedies.

The very popular Rescue Remedy range should have quick and dramatic results since it is meant to be used in emergency situations.

To make this system work for you need to be aware of what each remedy is used for. Then you can match your personality to the remedy or remedies and take it from there.

Flower Remedies are not meant to replace vital medical treatment, but you can use them in conjunction with treatment. There are similarities to homeopathy but the therapies are not the same.

Just like homeopathic remedies, you can give Flower Remedies to animals and even plants. Clearly, you can’t ask them how they feel but you can assess the stress they are in (just re-potted a plant) or the mood they are in (a sad dog), and treat them accordingly. You need to adjust the doses for the size of the animal or plant. A horse will need more than a cat. And, a plant can get its remedy by watering it or spraying its leaves.

It’s an enlightening process finding your personality (and recognizing those of friends and family), and a simple matter to start treatment once you get the relevant Remedies.

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James is a pharmacist with over 35 years experience. Get his booklets on CAM including Bach Flower Remedies at and subscribe to his newsletter and other health publications.

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