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Flower Essences for Animals


By Amy Myszko

flower essences for animalsFlower essence therapy combines the power of botanical medicine with the energetic healing similar to that of homeopathy. Flower essences for animals are particularly beneficial because they are 100% safe with no known side effects, and because animals are very sensitive energetically.

Flower essence therapy for animals can help with problems ranging from fear, anxiety, competitiveness, trauma, and aggression, to clinginess and abandonment issues. If you have a favorite animal friend who is in need of emotional healing and balance, consider flower essence therapy.

Flower Essences for Animals

You can use any flower essences for animals; however, here are some of the most basic essences which seem to be helpful in many cases of animal behavioral and emotional issues. I’m going to stick to the Bach set of flower essences, as these are the easiest to find in most areas. The best and most effective way to diagnose and treat your pets with flower essences is to find a Flower Essence Therapist in your area; however, here are some basic essences and how they can help your furry friends.

Bach Rescue Remedy: I never leave home without this 5 flower formula for trauma. If you find an injured animal or one of your pets is in a traumatic situation, simply place 4 or 5 drops of Rescue Remedy on your hand, and either have them lick it off you, or simply rub it onto their body. It does not have to be taken internally to have the grounding, calming effect. Go ahead and place a few drops in your pet’s water every day for a few days or until it seems like they have rebounded from the trauma.

Mimulus: This essence is for “named fears.” For example, if your dog is terrified of lightning, you can use this remedy to help calm them during a thunder storm. It is helpful to give to the animal for a period of time, especially if it is a fear they encounter on a regular, or even daily basis, for optimal effect. You should see change in how severely they respond to the fear, especially if combined with positive reinforcement from you.

Aspen: This flower essence is for unknown or vague fears. This is more for the animal who exhibits general anxiety or who seems afraid of things you can’t see or perceive. It helps to calm the nerves and give the animal more confidence for facing the unknown.

Chicory: A great flower essence for the demanding or needy pet who might use manipulative behavior to gain attention or affection. You know, like the cat who poops on your bed if you go out of town for the weekend. This essence can help love to be given freely without manipulative or clingy energy.

Star of Bethlehem: If you have to choose just one essence for deep trauma, even an old one, this is your best bet. Great for the rescued animal who may have undergone abuse or other trauma, especially in early life. Star of Bethlehem helps to heal these old wounds and the neurotic or destructive behavior which might accompany traumatized animals.

Holly: For the animal who exhibits signs of jealousy or other negative emotions towards a perceived competitor, such as the new baby or new pet in the household. Holly helps to cultivate acceptance instead of competition and hatred.

These are just a few examples of flower essence therapy for animals. The wonderful thing about these energetic botanical remedies is how well animals tend to respond to them and how safe they are to use even with injured, ill, and elderly pets. Flower essences for animals is a great way to help your furry friends with emotional issues, which can profoundly affect the health and balance of the physical body as well.

Keeping Our Pets Healthy, Naturally!

Just like humans, domesticated animals like dogs and cats are affected by the health hazards of modern living. Pollution, poor nutrition, stress and unhealthy lifestyles can lead to a variety of illnesses and conditions that are very similar to those experienced by humans.

In fact, many, if not most pet health concerns can be addressed by helping your pets to live a healthier lifestyle. While it has its place, conventional medicine for animals and ‘modern technology’ have failed our pets in many ways.

According to pet expert and author CJ Puotinen, most holistic veterinarians and animal health care professions list annual vaccinations and commercial pet foods as the major contributory cause in the rising rates of chronic illness in pets today. This has led many veterinarians to search for alternatives and to espouse more holistic methods of keeping our pets healthy.

Natural remedies for humans have been used with great effect for the pets in the family. Therefore, how could the need for remedies especially designed and formulated for pets, with pet friendly doses and remedies which could be easily administered to dogs and cats, be ignored?

Out of this obvious need was born PetAlive – a range of herbal, homeopathic and nutraceutical remedies to help with a variety of ailments commonly experienced by pets. Formulated by a clinical psychologist, all PetAlive remedies are pharmaceutically manufactured to the highest standards, are 100% guaranteed, safe and effective to help your pet battle common illnesses and ailments and maintain optimum health.

About the author: Amy Myszko is a certified, practicing herbalist in Colorado. She is a regular contributor to Natural Health Web where she writes about natural health issues.

Flower Essences For Animals

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