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Flower Essences by Sign


Flower Essences by SignAries

Mountain Pride transforms dissatisfaction into positive energy for change.
Buttercup knowing true worth, independent of cultural standards.
Hound’s Tongue seeing emotional and spiritual gifts.


Sagebrush eases shedding of elements of life no longer appropriate for your true destiny.
Aspen facing the future with courage and enthusiasm.
Black-eyed Susan work with previously avoided powerful emotions.


Cerato brings trust in inner convictions rather than the advice of others.
Sage -insight into the deeper meaning of large changes.
Sagebrush helps clear out what doesn’t serve your future.


Star of Bethlehem helps closure on old chapters of life.
Wild Oat clarifies life purpose.
Indian Pink steadies commitment to your dreams despite others’ judgments.


Larkspur helps positive leadership and charisma within groups without feeling overburdened; balancing leadership.
Fairy Lantern inner strength to face the world as a healthy adult.


Wild Oat assists in stepping into a perfect professional or public role.
Cerato defines your convictions.
Mountain Pride speaking your ideals and their expression to the world.


Shasta Deity helps you recognize the wise pattern of the whole within the many challenging parts of your life.
Cayenne breaking free of old habits.
Walnut protection and support in making profound changes


Borage releases grief and regret over past disappointments.
Yellow Star Tulip clarity why others are in your life.
Evening Primrose let go old wounds affecting your ability to form intimate bonds.


Bleeding Heart to develop more freedom and objectivity in relationships.
Vervain grounding in body, harmony of spiritual forces.
Madia disciplines attention and concentration.


Dandelion releases emotional tension held in the body.
Iris inspiring and transcending limits on creativity.
Pomegranate clear form and focus of creativity.


Larch brings confidence to carry out your creative inspirations.
Blackberry creating bases of expression.
Sweet Pea finding belonging to place and community.


Corn for grounded spirituality and finding a spiritual home.
Trumpet expressing ideas with vitality and conviction.
Cosmos expressing spiritual wisdom through words.

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