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Five Good Mood Foods


Have you heard the saying, We are what we eat? Its true enough. But, we also change how we feel according to what we eat. Here are some examples of five foods that can alter our moods for the better.

Eating comfort foods makes us feel better. Our brain releases endorphins as we enjoy every satisfying bite. Did you know that? Food makes us feel good.

Some foods that make us feel better:

1. Tea Drinking tea does wonders for the body. The caffeine in tea has been linked to improvements in mood. Caffeine increases alertness and our ability to function well. Many people rely on caffeine each day in some form to wake up and get the body moving. The rush we feel motivates us to get going with our daily tasks. Tea is healthier than drinking soda. There are many kinds of tea. Green tea provides antioxidants to the body. Antioxidants prevent disease and slow the aging process.

2. Chocolate Women always knew they were right. This is not just any chocolate though. Dark chocolate contains the largest percentage of pure cocoa. It works to increase our mood. Serotonin levels rise and so do the happy feelings. People who ate chocolate on a consistent basis noticed they had more energy as well as a better outlook on life. Besides that, the calories obtained from this chocolate dont outweigh the benefits of eating dark chocolate. The rest of the diet can be adjusted to account for it.

3. Salmon This cold water fish contains vitamin D as well as omega-3 fatty acids. Vitamin D is synthesized by skin cells after exposure to the sun. When the sun is not as forthcoming like in the winter months, we have to obtain it from other sources. The canned variety of salmon and fortified milk along with some vegetables provides vitamin D to our bodies along with supplements. Vitamin D increases serotonin which has to do with mood.

4. Walnuts Most tree nuts are good for you. They contain nutrients vital to health and healthy fats. Walnuts contain omega-3 fatty acids just like salmon.

5. Lentils Lentils are part of the legume and bean family. They provide protein for the body to build muscle. Lentils release a lot of fiber when we eat them. Insoluble fiber carries a measure of fat from the food we eat out of the body as it passes through the digestive system. Folate is a component of lentils and it deals with brain activity and health.

Are you looking for something good to eat? These five foods are good for you and good to you. Using them as a component of a healthy diet boosts mood and health.

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