Tummy Tightening and Weight Loss

With all the diet fads and quick weight loss claims out there, how do you know who and what to trust for a successful weight loss plan?

The truth is, there are so many different voices of reason out there that no one weight loss solution is suitable for everyone. If you are serious about wanting to lose weight successfully without falling victim to yo-yo dieting, a reliable rule of thumb is: when in doubt, go organic. This means no miracle pills, no secret formulas, no magical weight loss belts, but rather pure organic exercise, healthy eating and nutrition. It may not sound as easy as a miracle pill but it is definitely more reliable. One great way to get a little exercise and work at slimming your bulge is to focus on tummy tightening.

Tummy Tightening the organic way…

The good news about tummy tightening is that you can pretty much get started anytime, anywhere. Here’s a couple organic tummy tightening exercises that you can perform either at a gym, in your living room or in the open space of your back yard:

1. The crunch

* Lie on you back.
* Place your feet on the floor, as close to your bottom as possible, with your knees placed together.
* Fold your arms across your chest and relax your neck.
* Inhale and slowly raise your shoulders as high as you can while keeping your lower back on the floor.
* Hold that position for a count of 1 and breathe out forcefully.
* Slowly relax the stomach muscles and allow your shoulders to return to the floor.
* Repeat this procedure 10 – 12 times, rest for 60 seconds then repeat.

2. Lying Leg Raises

* Lie on your back with your hands, palms down under your buttocks.
* Raise your legs about 30cm (12″) off the floor and hold them there.
* Now trying to use just your lower abs, raise your legs by another 15cm (6″). Do this by tilting the pelvis upwards instead of lifting the legs with the psoas.
* Make sure your knees are slightly bent.
Repeat the pelvis tilt 10 times, rest for 60 seconds then repeat.

In conjunction with good ol’ organic exercise, it’s important to include a healthy organic diet and nutrition plan in order to reap the most long-term benefits of tummy tightening exercises and weight loss.

Healthy Eating and Nutrition the organic way…

Although there are many food plans out there to help guide you in getting a sufficient amount of nutrients throughout the day, the truth is, it can sometimes be difficult to find time for healthy eating. If you tend to fall victim to a busy schedule, you may want to consider a nutritional supplement plan to help boost your energy and gain the nutrients difficult to get out of meals on the run. Nutritional supplements can be a great addition to any tummy tightening weight loss plan and will help you develop longevity with your results.

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  1. Good post. Do you have any suggestions as far as any nutritional supplement plans? I have a decently busy schedule but I would like to also get in shape.



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