Stress Management Tip: Physical Exercise

Any form of physical Exercise can be a great way to reduce Stress. By regularly going to a gym, for a run or competing in a team sport, an outlet is created that gives you the opportunity to Focus on an enjoyable activity and literally forget about the day to day events that may contribute to Stress in your life.

By doing physical Exercise the body will inevitably get fitter and stronger. A fit person is less likely to get sick and tired especially during stressful periods. As a person becomes fitter, their Self Esteem and self worth will naturally increase. This also reduces the likely hood of succumbing to Stress and in fact will typically have a better chance of coping with stressful situations.

Competitive forms of Exercise can also help reduce Stress. Normally, competitive sport will require participants to regularly train, set Goals and work in a team. They are also required to learn how to cope with stressful moments during a game as well deal with both victory and defeat. Such activities emulate real life situations and therefore will help you to deal with the challenges that life may bring you.

Some physical exercises which involve repetitive movement, such as running or riding a Bike, can have a meditative effect bringing on change in your the state of consciousness. Like any other form of Meditation, the result is usually an increase in mental alertness and feeling calm yet more alive.

On an “etheric” level, it is believed that physical Exercise has a cleansing affect on the energy body. All the dirty energy that contributes to Stress is automatically expelled during physical activity. The energy body will naturally replace this with fresh energy freely available in the air and the earth.

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