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Element: Pilates Weight Loss for Beginners

Pilates can transform your body in a way no gym equipment can match. Filmed on a breathtaking location overlooking the Pacific Ocean, this dynamic beginner’s workout is designed to maximize calorie burn while teaching you the basics of Pilates. With a combination of Pilates-conscious cardio and mat Pilates, this sequence uses the principles of control, concentration, precision, center, breath, and fluidity to help you sculpt a new shape. The gentle, low impact exercises will strengthen and tone your whole body to develop a slimmer, leaner body line.

About the Instructor: Brooke Siler is a second generation Pilates teacher, trained directly under Joseph Pilates’ own protégée for 12 years.  She is the celebrated author of the New York Times best-selling series of books The Pilates Body and Your Ultimate Pilates Body Challenge.  As owner of re: AB® Pilates Studio in New York City (www.reabnyc.com) and founder of the re: AB Pilates Teacher Certification program, Brooke has trained countless celebrity clients including Kirsten Dunst, Lauren Hutton and Madonna.

“Never done a roll up? Brooke Siler who’s trained Rachael Weisz easily you through a mat and cardio routine.” – The Best Workout DVDS US Weekly; January 12 2009 ed.

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Element: Pilates Weight Loss for Beginners Reviews

Review by Nancy Close:

I’m a mother of 4, and this Pilates Weight Loss DVD is the perfect workout to do at home. It’s really helping me tone my saggy “muffin-top” waist area, while giving me the total stretching and strengthening I need. The visual demonstrations are very clear, and the detailed verbal instructions give me all the coaching I need to work on improving my pilates technique. This DVD is excellent as it’s so easy to follow and has plenty of variation to keep me working out for months to come! It’s amazing how these Pilates techniques, that make me feel so good by stretching my whole body, can really create a great cardio burn too.

Review by Renee Allen:

I’ve been a fan of Brooke’s for years — I’ve done numerous Pilates dvds and have only been able to do Pilates with Brooke, thus far, with her books, flash cards, and CDs (in the Pilates Body Kit). I’ve loved her from the start and have been hoping for a dvd.

I did this one today and just loved it! Don’t worry that it says it’s for beginners if you’ve been doing Pilates for years. This is a solid Intermediate Pilates workout. It’s approachable for Beginners, but isn’t broken down slowly for explanations like most Beginner Pilates dvds. It flows wonderfully, is full of challenging exercises, and is a pleasure to do with Brooke. Just wonderful!

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Pilates For Beginners

PILATES FOR BEGINNERS is the perfect way to be introduced to Pilates and it helps you to explore and experience the numerous benefits of pilates. There are over 12 routines to help build strength, increase flexibility, improve your health and vitality and transform how you look and feel.

Routines are led by renowned instructor Maggie Rhoades who expertly leads you through tailored workouts ranging from 10 to 35 minutes. PILATES FOR BEGINNERS was filmed on location at one of the most beautiful, tranquil beaches in the world, Half-Moon Bay, Antigua.


-Over 12 Customized, Targeted Routines
-Exclusive Interview with the Instructor
-Routines from 10 – 35 Minutes

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Pilates For Beginners Reviews

Review by Sore-ly in need of strength:

I had been searching for a way to strengthen my core in hopes that it would lessen my chronic lower back pain. I tried a park district class for 6-7 weeks but had to quit because my back was getting worse and i thought that i just didn’t have the strength to do pilates. My friends kept insisting that pilates, when done correctly would really help me with my problems. I looked in to private lessons and knew i wasn’t able to make the financial or time commitment. I decided to give it one more go with the aid of a dvd. I lucked in to this dvd- picking it because it had Beginners in the title. What i didn’t expect was to get such detailed oral and visual instruction. I understood more watching the dvd than i did in the classroom. It is easy to follow and has helped to improve my core strength so i can use those muscles and depend on my back less. Maggie Rhodes not only teaches pilates moves she teaches how to move while doing them. This has been the most helpful aspect of the dvd, learning how to move correctly. She gives detailed instructions on proper posture and breathing. I enjoy the routines and the variety, looking forward to the INTERMEDIATE version(hopefully to follow.)

Review by Mary:

This is one of the best beginner Pilates DVDs that you’ll find. The instruction is clear. The pace of the routines is perfect for someone who’s new to Pilates, there are routines that are more challenging as you progress and the beach is a very nice setting.

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Pilates for Weight Loss

Pilates Complete for Weight Loss is the perfect way for beginning, intermediate and advanced students burn fat, build muscle and achieve and maintain an ideal weight. These workouts are designed to transform how your body looks, feels and performs, and is the perfect complement to any weight loss program. With over 15 customized mat workouts to suit your physical and scheduling needs, there is no better way to learn, progress and experience Pilates in your home. Great for beginners and advanced students Customized, targeted routines Workouts range from 10 30 minutes The Interactive Pilates Series revolutionizes the practice of Pilates in your home. Unlike other DVDs that may contain one or two workouts, this DVD contains over a dozen workouts of varied lengths and purposes. Get into shape, lose weight, increase energy, relieve stress, become stronger and more flexible with an Interactive Pilates Series Karen Garcia is a certified Pilates Instructor known nationally for her warm, yet invigorating style of teaching. Karen has helped thousands of students around the country reap the wonderful benefits of the Pilates system.

Rating: (out of 110 reviews)

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Price: $ 7.99

Pilates for Weight Loss Reviews

Review by :

I am a Pilates instructor and recommend this to my students who come to class looking to get in shape and lose weight.There is a wide range of work outs for them to use and the instruction is expertly done. Prior to recommending it to my students, I watched this DVD and did some research on the instructor’s background. Both were impressive (she was trained and certified by Romana Kryzanowska.)As others have pointed out, Pilates is not a “weight loss” method in and of itself, but was developed to help develop “core” strength and flexibility. It is used extensively in physical rehabilitation; in other words if you are out of shape or have an injury the general nature of Pilates is designed to be helpful to get you back into shape with less stress on your body than other forms of exercise. To me it accurately and faithfully represents what Joseph Pilates developed.This DVD additionally provides three levels of instruction (Beginner, Intermediate and Advance) with the proper Pilates modifications for each level so you will be able to use it for a long, long time even as you progress and get back into shape.The notes on the DVD state it “is the perfect complement to any weight-loss program” and instructor reiterates this on the DVD – Pilates will be one aspect in helping you get into shape and other changes in your lifestyle, such as diet, may be needed. There is never a magic bullet that will make you lose weight.While there are also other physical activities you can engage in trying to get in shape, Pilates is one that is worth considering based on how and why it was originally developed. And if you already know that you would like to make Pilates part of your activity, then this DVD is perfect.

Review by :

This is the best pilates tool anyone could own. I am overweight and looking to lose weight, and after I started exercising regularly, I wanted to add both Pilates and balance ball exercises to my routine. After searching for a LONG time to find a great dvd, I found this one. It has been such a rewarding dvd for so many reasons, and I have already lost weight in combining this dvd and others in my routine. This dvd has three sections for beginners, intermediate, and advanced levels. The great thing is that each section has 5 workouts ranging from 10 minutes to 90 minutes, and you can choose a program with or without a warm-up. The instructor is great and each move is done a good amount of times. There is nice music in the background as well. What I also find to be truly invaluable in this dvd is the fact that during the workout the instructor will remind you to breathe properly, just in case you forget, and she also tells you how many are left during each exercise. I can write forever about how GREAT this dvd is, but I don’t like reading long reviews myself so I wont make you! Just know that this is the #1 DVD for Pilates students at any level, from novice to advanced, and I LOVE IT!!!

Buy Pilates for Weight Loss now for only $ 7.99!

Stamina Pilates Magic Circle with Workout DVD

The Pilates Magic Circle was created by Joseph Pilates to be a versatile exercise accessory you can use anywhere. The soft rubber ring provides resistance for faster, more targeted toning, improving muscle strength throughout the body especially in problem areas like the inner and outer thighs, upper arms, chest, even the pelvic muscles. The comprehensive, easy-to-follow instructional DVD demonstrates how the Pilates Magic Circle can help you sculpt and reshape your body the Pilates way. This professional quality Magic Circle can be used alone as demonstrated in the accompanying video or added to your pilates reformer workout. This Magic Circle features form molded grips to fit comfortably against your body with a nonporous, molded padding that resists moisture.

  • Pilates Magic Circle measure 14.75-inches in diameter
  • Soft rubber ring fits comfortably against your body
  • Made of professional grade, non-porous molded padding
  • Easy-to-follow instructional video included
  • Packs easily for traveling

Rating: (out of 27 reviews)

List Price: $ 35.00
Price: $ 25.00

Stamina Pilates Magic Circle with Workout DVD Reviews

Review by D. Thompson:

I bought the “magic circle” in efforts to up the anty in my pilates routine. I am glad I purchased it but I found the DVD to be about a 2 star out of 5 start rating. Since I live far away from a Pilates studio I purchased other DVDs in efforts to learn about the magic circle. the DVD from Classical Pilates Inc. called “The Complete Magic Cirlce Mat Series & Reformer Mat Workout” (also on Amazon.com)taught me more about the circle’s use than the DVD that came with it. It is a basic straight forward mat routine DVD but it was practical and I am well on my way to a more complete Pilates workout.

I also use the magic circle to burn off extra energy while sitting and I find my boyfriend picks it up and uses it to get a few exercises in every day. It can be used in many ways but it most certainly enhances a pilates work out.

Review by B. Mcmenemie:

I would have given this product 5 stars, but the video was not up to standards for someone who is really into Pilates. Each exercise is demonstrated very fast, and there is not much exercise at all. On the

other hand, the magic circle is great! It is well made, and can take a punishment. This was the reason I purchased this item, because I needed a good circle to work with. Comparing other circles to this that cost a lot more this was by far the best product. I would highly recommend the circle, but would not recommend the tape. When I purchased this item, I also purchased the Classical Pilates Technique, The Complete Magic Circle Mat Series. This DVD has BASIC, INTERMEDIATE, ADVANCED, plus THE SUPER ADVANCED REFORMER MAT WORKOUT. The exercises are performed well with great timing. This is a video that everyone from the basic learner to the most advanced learner would absolutely love.

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The Pilates Body: The Ultimate At-Home Guide to Strengthening, Lengthening, and Toning Your Body–Without Machines

The Pilates® method may be today’s hottest exercise, but it has been endorsed by physicians for almost a century. Originally developed by Joseph H. Pilates to help strengthen and condition muscles, Pilates is the ultimate mind-body exercise for anyone who wants to tone, streamline, and realign their body without the bulked-up results of more conventional workout methods.

Now, in The Pilates® Body, author Brooke Siler–one of the most sought-after personal trainers in the country and owner of New York’s top studio for Pilates training, re:AB–provides a complete, easy-to follow program of Pilates exercises that can be done anywhere, anytime, and without machines.

With step-by-step instructions, Siler guides the reader through the complete circuit of mat exercises, each of which is clearly illustrated by photographs, line drawings, and unique visualization exercises. With Pilates you will not only streamline your figure–you will dramatically improve your posture, flexibility, and balance, and enhance your physical and emotional well-being. The Pilates Body shows you how.Thin-but-fit supermodels like Amber Valletta and Shalom Harlow and actresses like Ally McBeal’s Courtney Thorne-Smith and Liv Tyler swear by Pilates workouts to keep their figures toned and flexible. The Pilates Body is the latest in a string of books dedicated to this fitness program, which is now soaring in popularity nearly 100 years after it was first developed by Joseph Pilates in Germany in the early 1900s. While today’s Pilates studios take advantage of patented and intimidating-looking equipment that costs thousands of dollars (and therefore charge accordingly for private sessions), each exercise in The Pilates Body can be performed with just an exercise mat. While all parts of the body are used in the exercises, the focus is on the abdominals, or “powerhouse,” which support the back; this makes

  • ISBN13: 9780767903967
  • Condition: NEW
  • Notes: Brand New from Publisher. No Remainder Mark.

Rating: (out of 150 reviews)

List Price: $ 18.95
Price: $ 7.00

The Pilates Body: The Ultimate At-Home Guide to Strengthening, Lengthening, and Toning Your Body–Without Machines Reviews

Review by atmj:

Phenomenal and most of all do-able. This Pilates book has the best explanations and illustrations of all the ones out there. I know, I was in the mall and I checked them out.I bought this book over 6 months ago, as I felt I needed more than just a regular workout on an elliptical machine. I wrote a review on it shortly after I started and I wanted to update that as a number of people have emailed me for more information.Some background. I’m 43, female and 25% overweight, not exactly your svelte exerciser, so I knew I needed a routine that wouldn’t hurt but would would get results. I work in an office and nothing is worse than sitting at your desk all day aching from the previous day’s exercises.I started as recommended with Modified beginner exercises, the seven basic exercises and did this for about 3 weeks. No pain but some tightness I could feel in my abdomen. As I became confident, I moved onto the regular beginner exercises. Basically, I used my ability to do the “hundred” as a measure of when I was able to move on. I could see my progress from day to day. It was really neat. I did the exercises at least 5 days/week.As time went on I added more exercises from the full program. One or two each week depending on if they were similar or really hard to do. Some were, some weren’t. Still no pain. I am now doing almost all (over 95%) of all, but the advanced exercises at least 5 days/week along with my elliptical machine routine and some weight lifting for my arms. I don’t have time, I make time. In my opinion, this is as important as paying my bills. In someways, this is just what I’m doing. One question, I have been asked is am I seeing muscle definition. The answer is definitely yes. I am still overweight. I’m working on that too (I’ve lost 25 pounds through just exercising), so I’m not seeing a washboard stomach, as the fat above the muscles are still obscuring them, but I can see definition of my ribs and hips, along with distinct muscles in between. This is nothing I’ve ever seen before, even in my skinny high school days. One interesting measure of how far I’ve gone is watching my teenage children trying to mock me doing the exercises. Both are slim and in good shape, but neither can dive in and do the intermediate exercises that I’m doing with the same ease I am. In fact they are shocked they can’t do more than a couple repetitions. Not because it hurts so much, but because they have not build up the strength. That is another thing that I mentioned in my previous review, these exercises provide the feedback you need to continue on. You see it in each day in each exercise as they become easier. Also you see it in your day to day tasks. For me, it was an excellent investment.

Review by :

I’ve been interested in Pilates for a long time, but don’t live anywhere near a trainer (and couldn’t afford it anyway)I read article after article until I finally purchased Sean P. Gallagher’s book on Pilates. I was so disappointed.There was so much to concentrate on for each exercise, and so many to go through. And no matter what I did it meant purchasing expensive equipment within a few weeks (thousands of dollars worth…) I tried for a few days and then gave up in disgust.Then I read a review for “The Pilates Body.” What can I say, everything that has been said is true!Siler recommends taking all the time you need to learn the movements, she provides modified exercises for beginners to build up to the actual exercises and she gives a much more indepth account of Pilates system than I’ve ever seen before.The information on visualization and the mental aspect of a workout is not present in any other materials I have seen. There is no strict program provided (a plus or bonus depending on how you look at it…) instead the reader is encouraged to progress at their own pace, not moving on until they have the previous movements down. Finally, instead of trying to sell the expensive equipment, Siler is the ONLY Pilates trainer I’ve EVER seen who says that the original system never had equipment, and that the matwork alone can give a complete workout.I now have confidence in my ability to perform the exercises properly and effectively (though it’ll take a long time, I think it will be worth it)This has become one of my favorite books, it is so well written and effective, and most of all Warm and friendly.

Buy The Pilates Body: The Ultimate At-Home Guide to Strengthening, Lengthening, and Toning Your Body–Without Machines now for only $ 7.00!

Exhale: Core Fusion – Pilates Plus

“Exhale’s Core Fusion will tone you from head to toe” –Prevention A quarter of a million people have transformed their bodies at the exclusive Exhale Spa–now you can get these same results at home. Named “Best Fusion Class” by New York magazine, this unique program is one of the quickest, most effective ways to get a thin, sleek physique. In five segments of 10 minutes each, the Pilates-based moves deliver washboard abs, perfectly sculpted arms and shoulders, and a tighter, higher backside—fast. The secret to Core Fusion Pilates Plus is that it works from the inside out, integrating your core with every move. The deep-toning approach goes far beyond the surface muscles, working hard-to-reach areas that traditional exercises can’t reach. Infused with yoga-inspired postures and core-conditioning exercises, this invigorating workout produces real results and will leave you feeling relaxed and refreshed. Core Fusion creators Fred DeVito and Elisabeth Halfpapp have over 50 years’ combined experience teaching Pilates, yoga, dance, and Tai Chi, disciplines that inform the Pilates Plus workout. They are founding team members of Exhale, a leading mind/body spa with locations around the country. Stills from Exhale: Core Fusion Pilates Plus (Click for larger image)

Rating: (out of 34 reviews)

List Price: $ 14.99
Price: $ 7.70

Exhale: Core Fusion – Pilates Plus Reviews

Review by C. Hesse:

I hurt my back, was unable to fold forward, or sit. When given the go ahead by my doctor to move again, I found the Core Fusion Pilates DVD, and the Core Fusion Body Sculpt DVD, to be the only workouts that I could do without increasing my injury. In fact, it helped do the exact opposite and helped HEAL my back. After 6 weeks, I went from having a severe condition to being clean and clear. I did not take any drugs. I went to the chiropractor regularly, iced my injury, and did Core Fusion, and I feel better than ever!!! Not to mention I lost inches from my waist and hips, and am the strongest, leanest, and most flexible I have ever been! This dvd is AWESOME and empowering!

Review by dnk:

The creators of this DVD- and the Core Fusion program at Exhale Spa- were instructors for the Lotte Berk Method years ago. As such, there program has the same elements- ballet exercises (they demonstrate with a chair instead of a barre), yoga, Pilates and orthopedic exercises. This release emphasizes more yoga (lots of planks and stretches) and their take on Pilates principles (they fall into the “tuck” school vs. the neutral spine). Based on the clips of the companion Body Sculpt release, it looks as if that one emphasizes more of the ballet work.

Others have criticized the amount of stretches in this and other Lotte Berk Method derivatives, but I think that’s one of the method’s strengths (no pun intended). I like that they integrate the stretches into the sets so they are difficult to skip- people don’t stretch enough, particularly through their hips- but I’d prefer that they both waited a breath or two longer before the stretches began and held them for a longer period of time.

This release contains no weights- “just” body resistance. They more than make up for that with a long plank sequence and their variant on Knee Dancing (who knew that could work your obliques so well?). The star of the release is probably going to be Pure Core segment. While they include some classics like the Roll Up and some crunch variants (my least favorite ever), it’s their take on the flat back work that might leave you breathless. First they start with a rounded back in a seated position then move the legs together, bent, straight, on the ground, and lifted, with variations of all. Then they do the same against a wall. This tough, and you’ll feel your abs as well as your upper body and quads.

I thought this was a challenging practice, but maybe a little too much. Although the creators take turns showing modifications- he shows the ones demanding more strength, and she shows the ones showing more flexibility- much of what they show would still be too much for a lot of people. Maybe they should have added a third modifier as the Lotte Berk releases did so everyone would feel like they could participate.

This is very challenging, and many people who already like barre workouts will enjoy the abdominal section.

Buy Exhale: Core Fusion – Pilates Plus now for only $ 7.70!

10 Minute Solution: Rapid Results Pilates

NO TIME TO EXERCISE? We have the solution for you – the 10 Minute Solution! Everyone can find at least ten minutes in their day, and we’ve developed 5 dynamic Pilates workouts that are just 10 minutes each. The workouts were designed by internationallyrecognized Pilates Instructor Lara Hudson using a technique called Power Precision Sequencing that is specifically designed to give you rapid results. These compact, ultra-efficient workouts fit into even the busiest of schedules. Split them into 5 separate workouts, or mix and match to hit your own unique problem areas … or do all of them together for one total-body 50-minute Pilates workout! SUPER TONED BUNS & THIGHS Tone, firm and sculpt your lower body while lifting your buns – this 10 Minute segment will give you the results you’ve been looking for! ARM & SHOULDER SHAPER Get toned, sexy, sleek arms and shoulders with this Pilates-inspired program that incorporates light hand weights for dramatic, rapid results. WAIST SLIMMER Flatten your belly and slim your waist with this super- targeted segment that focuses on toning your entire core. TOTAL BODY BLAST This total-body conditioning segment is a real calorie burner – AND it’s unique, fluid and fun! SLIM & SLEEK STRETCH Increase your flexibility, improve your posture and get those famous long, lean body lines that Pilates is known for with the Slim & Sleek Stretch.

Rating: (out of 135 reviews)

List Price: $ 14.98
Price: $ 6.99

10 Minute Solution: Rapid Results Pilates Reviews

Review by Kelly A. Daly:

I knew I’d like this – I have Lara’s 2 other videos and I like her style. She cues well and has a nice, calm demeanor. Rapid Results is different from her other pilates video. In this there are pilates classics with a twist. In the arms section you’ll do saw with weights in both hands. I really felt that all over. The bun/thighs section has floor exercises: frog, bridge and side lying leg lifts with lots of leg variations. The abs section was very effective. Again, leg variations make you really feel it in your lower abs. The total body section was tough and I also felt like the stretch was a workout! If you like variety over endless reps you’ll love this workout. It’s not the same old pilates moves. Lara doesn’t show many modifications; but I don’t think this was meant for beginners. It’s a fluid workout and I was challenged by each 10 minute section.

Review by MLRapp:

This workout DVD is fabulous- I love how its broken down into 10 minute segments so that you can customize it depending on your time constraints a/o fitness needs, or can do the whole thing for one terrific workout!

What makes this DVD better than some of the other pilates DVD’s on the market is: (1) very good breathing and technique cues (SO important); (2) instruction while doing the moves as opposed to wasting time explaining what you’re going to be doing (so that you’re actually moving for all 10 minutes of each segment); (3) really rigorous segments- you’ll work up a sweat in just ten minutes no matter which one(s) you do; (4) short reps which really focus in on technique and doing the moves the right way to reach results; (5) some new and interesting moves- not merely the same old ones you see on every other DVD out there; (6) NO excuses allowed- everyone can find just 10 extra minutes at the very least to squeeze in a great workout; and (7) something for everyone- whether you’re looking to tone your core, arms, hips, butt or legs, you’ll find a great workout.

If you’re new to pilates, you may want to watch it first before attempting to follow it to make it easier, as the moves a/o techniques may be new to you.

My only gripe is that she recommends doing exercises- particualrly in the “core” segment- with a rounded back and not in neutral pelvis position (which I’ve been taught is the correct pilates position). Apart from that one complaint, its an awesome workout and you’ll feel it the next day whether you do one segment or all of them!

Buy 10 Minute Solution: Rapid Results Pilates now for only $ 6.99!

Classical Pilates Technique – The Complete Mat Workout Series English & Spanish (Modified Basic / Basic / Intermediate / Advanced / Super Advanced)

Classical Pilates technique videos feature two of the most renowned Pilates professionals in the world, master instructor Bob Liekens and commentator Alycea Ungaro, who uphold the tradition and high ideals of Joseph Pilates original New York City Studio, which began during the 1920s. This DVD serves to preserve the original, classical method in the face of current challenges. Each exercise is performed flawlessly, in real-time, and in correct sequence. If you already have a foundation in the principles of this exercise method, then this is the DVD to buy to further your ability. It’s not watered down, slowed down, or commercialized; it’s just Pilates the way Joseph Pilates created it.While there’s nothing flashy about this DVD, it is an invaluable tool (and the best) for those who are interested in more than the latest fad. Winner of the COMMUNICATOR AWARDS- 2003 AWARD OF DISTINCTION As a winner of this award Classical Pilates Inc. joins an exclusive list of video professionals who are recognized as the best within the industry.

Rating: (out of 243 reviews)

List Price: $ 19.95
Price: $ 10.79

Classical Pilates Technique – The Complete Mat Workout Series English & Spanish (Modified Basic / Basic / Intermediate / Advanced / Super Advanced) Reviews

Review by Heather Walton:

I have been doing Pilates for a month now. I had to set this DVD aside for 3 weeks before I could try this workout. It is FAST! On my other tapes there is a lot of instruction and the exercises are performed slowly. On this one the BASIC workout has 10 exercises and is 7 minutes long. The instruction is given, as the moves are being performed, not before. It is great, but it will take you time to really know the exercises through and through before you are able to follow along. The Intermediate workout has 15 xercises and is 12 minutes long. On my other DVD’s, 15 xercises amounts to at least 45 minutes. I do agree with this DVD, but like I said it will take you time to really know the exercises before you can follow along at this fast pace- A pace like in no other Pilates tape I know of. The exercises themselves are classic Pilates and are done very well and gracefully.The advanced workout has 25 exercises and is 20 minutes long. This one is good and the man doing the exercises actually sweats a lot, something I have yet to see in any other Pilates film. This is a really challenging workout! The quality of this DVD is outstanding. You are sure to get a classic Piliates workout of the highest caliper. I do wish there was a one minute pause between exercises so you have time to get out of one exercise and into the next one. It will take you a lot of practice before you can follow along with the people in this workout, but the rewards will be superior to the other tapes. I find it really nice to have so many workouts one one DVD. An amazing value for such quality. I suggest you buy Brooke Silar’s book The Pilates Body as well. This book has all the exercies of this DVD, but it also explains them in fine detail that is missing in this DVD.

Review by Alex:

I am currently an apprentice in training to become a certified Pilates instructor. I agree with some reviewers who think this DVD is fast. But too fast? Hardly. Joseph Pilates had a clear vision of how the body should move, and this DVD documents his clear vision with the proper exercises, tempos, and transitions. This DVD moreover has a pre-basic sequence that is slow and steady in order to safely prepare viewers for getting a good workout in the basic, intermediate, and advanced levels.As an apprentice, I wonder why so many other videos change Joseph Pilates’ method. Specifically, why do so many videos slow the exercises down to a point where people lose the necessary mental concentration and physical energy required to achieve a good workout? I of course agree that providing basic instruction is important. Yet when videos change Joseph Pilates’ method through overmodification of exercises, creation of new exercises, and alteration of rhythms, I feel strongly that these videos misrepresent the method. Other Pilates videos have something to offer, yet they neglect to demonstrate the energy, rhythm, and exciting dynamics that Classical Pilates faithfully depicts.Some reviewers have said, too, that the master instructor on this DVD does not count repititions of exercises. First, the number of repititions for each exercise are on screen. Second, we know from history books, newspaper articles, old film footage of Joseph Pilates teaching students, and speaking to people who actually studied with Joseph Pilates, it is clear that he did not count every repitition. He focused upon the articulation of movement, the individual’s strengths and weaknesses, and the overall flow of his student’s workout.If you want to see Joseph Pilates’ clear vision of his complete mat workout series, and if you want to really learn his original method, get this DVD.

Buy Classical Pilates Technique – The Complete Mat Workout Series English & Spanish (Modified Basic / Basic / Intermediate / Advanced / Super Advanced) now for only $ 10.79!

Pilates Power Gym

Pilates Power Gym brings Pilates moves out of the expensive studio and into your living room.Bring your Pilates routine out of the expensive studio and into your living room with the Pilates Power Gym reformer. Outfitted with a sturdy carbon-steel frame that can hold up to 300 pounds, the Power Gym will help firm, tone, sculpt, and define your calves, thighs, hips, abs, shoulders, arms, and back. In short, there’s no better way to create fabulous Pilates arms, long and lean Pilates legs, and a perfect Pilates behind. Specifically designed to eliminate the Pilates learning curve, the Power Gym offers such features as multiple incline levels, four variable resistance cords, and quick-change height adjustments, helping you build strength and tone your muscles regardless of your current fitness level. Whether you’re an absolute beginner or a Pilates pro, the Power Gym is a terrific choice. Other features unique to the Power Gym include padded handles for comfort and adjustable foot straps. The Power Gym also comes with a workout DVD with two separate workouts: one that tells you how to create a long, lean, sexy body and a second focused on building strong, defined muscles. And thanks to the bundled Healthy Eating Guide, you’ll have access to a bunch of easy-to-follow meal plans to help accelerate your results. Perhaps best of all for users with small apartments or homes, the Power Gym rolls away for easy storage in a closet or corner. The Power Gym measures 56 by 17.75 by 13 inches (W x H x D), weighs 61 pounds, and carries a 90-day warranty.

  • Home Pilates reformer with sturdy carbon-steel frame that holds up to 300 pounds
  • Helps firm, tone, and sculpt calves, thighs, hips, abs, shoulders, arms, and back
  • Multiple incline levels, 4 variable resistance cords, and quick-change height adjustments
  • Padded handles for comfort; adjustable foot straps; includes workout DVD
  • Measures 56 x 17.75 x 13 inches (W x H x D) and weighs 61 pounds; 90-day warranty

Rating: (out of 33 reviews)

List Price: $ 379.99
Price: $ 299.99

Pilates Power Gym Reviews

Review by Jake from the UK:

This seemed the answer to our problem. An effective compact work out machine.

However as I did both workouts I found that the “compactness” was a major problem. I could complete some but not all of the exercises because I “hit” the hard stop on the machine (nowhere left for it to slide). I was very disappointed. I was nowhere near full extension. I spent time seeing if I could sit differently to give me more space but nothing worked. I am 200lbs, 5″10″ with a 34″ sleeve so I am not a giant. I know form is important so I made sure I was following the instructors carefully. But nothing worked. I do not know how they claim people up to 6′ 3″ can use this. I had to send it back — out of pocket.

Review by Elaine Mashburn:

I saw this the Pilates Power Machine on an Infomercial & will have to say I was very impressed. Unfortunatley I didn’t have time to get the number & call on it that day. A wk. or so passed & I saw an ad online for the company so I emailed them. Their price was more plus I had to pay 65 $ for shipping. Knowing that Amazon usually has free shipping I went online to see if they had this product. I was in luck & purchased the last one! Great price of 0..& Free Shipping!

I love this machine. It was already put together before shipping, ready to use right out of the box. It’s well made of quality materials but not extremely heavy. There was a DVD included which goes through several different workout routines with the Power Machine. It’s very simple to use & it does work. I’ve had the unit for about 3 wks now & use it at least 4 times a week. I can already tell my muscles are firming up..my abs are getting tighter..& my joints feel alot better. No, I do not have a 6 pk yet..& I don’t know that I will..but I am definitley getting rid of some love handles! I would recommend this Pilates Power Machine to anyone who wants a great workout with a lower impact. It definitley works!

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Weight Loss Pilates

Includes a 16-page booklet of “Eat Smart” tips and nutritious recipes from Cooking Light! Lose weight and get a lean, toned Pilates body! This simple program incorporates all the tools you need to reach your weight loss goals. By fusing traditional Pilates exercises with fun, calorie-burning “cardio blasts,” you’ll keep your heart rate escalated throughout the entire workout. That means you’ll be toning muscle and burning fat at the same time for optimum results! It’s an effective and efficient way to get in shape fast. Since healthy eating habits are key to successful weight loss, we’ve included nutritional tips and delicious recipes from Cooking Light, the magazine dedicated to helping you eat smart, be fit, and live well. We’ve also added a bonus section with simple moves you can do throughout the day to boost your calorie burn. This comprehensive program is easy to follow and designed to fit into the most hectic schedule. You CAN finally lose weight–starting today! Kristin McGee, a Pilates master instructor, teaches at Reebok, The Sports Club LA, Clay, Equinox, and privately in New York City. She believes passionately in the profound effect Pilates can have on the mind and body and loves to share the discipline with others. BONUS: Ab Blast (5 min.) Stills from Weight Loss Cardio Pilates (Click for larger image)

Rating: (out of 23 reviews)

List Price: $ 14.99
Price: $ 9.14

Weight Loss Pilates Reviews

Review by Doghouse:

Bottom Line: “Weight Loss Pilates” is a great value. The workouts are easy to understand, but challenging to do. You can adjust the length to fit a busy schedule. The instructor is positive and helpful without being chirpy. The production values are great for a fitness video, and there are a couple of nice extras. Five stars.

The Workout: The workout is a mixture of Pilates and cardio. Each segment alternates between cardio moves to get your blood going, and Pilates moves on a mat to increase flexibility and strengthen your core/abdominal muscles. This workout kicked my butt (in a good way!). I had no experience with Pilates before my wife got me to try this, but I do heavy cardio in my regular workout routine (mostly cycling–like most cyclists, I’m pretty inflexible). The cardio segments were fairly easy for me, but the Pilates exercises really challenged me (this first time I did this, I kept thinking, “when do we get back to cardio?”). It was easy to understand how to do the Pilates moves, although I’m sure that it’ll take me a long time to make it look as easy as it does on screen. On each new move, I quickly went from “Oh, I get it…” to “Ow! I have a muscle there? Argh!” It’s the best sort of fitness routine: easy to learn, but hard to master. A real strength of the workout is how it’s organized. There are four pieces: a warmup, two 20-minute “fat-burning flows,” and a cool down. You can mix and match the pieces any way you want: play each piece individually, play both 20-minute workouts with warmup and cooldown (for a 50-minute workout), or play either 20-minute workout with warmup and cooldown (for a 30-minute workout). I really like having these options, since you can tailor the workout to the amount of time you have to exercise or to the level of energy you have that day. As my wife often reminds me, my schedule isn’t an excuse not to work out (there’s even a 5-minute mini-workout in the extra features). Five stars.

The Instructor: According to the box, Kristin McGee, “believes passionately in the profound effect Pilates can have on the mind and body.” Well, it certainly comes through in the video. She’s positive and encouraging, without being too chirpy (my pet peeve with fitness instructors). She’s careful to offer little tips on form throughout her workouts, and I don’t think she’ll get annoying after 10 or 20 times doing the workout. My only complaint is that she makes it look so easy! Seeing how steady Kristin is in these exercises, I can’t imagine how strong her core must be. It gives you something to aim for! Four stars.

The Extras: The disc comes with a pair of bonus workouts, a set of “moves on the go,” and a cross-promotion from Cooking Light magazine. The first bonus workout is a five-minute “Ab Blast” of concentrated Pilates ab-torture that’s even easier to squeeze into spare moments of a busy day than the 20-minute segments. The second bonus workout is actually a 5-minute preview of another title by the same company, “Weight Loss Cardio Sculpt.” The “moves on the go” are a set of pliometrics you can do while sitting at a desk or standing around doing chores. Lastly, the Cooking Light cross-promotion is a 16-page booklet in the box with 7 recipes from the magazine and some basic tips on “eating right.” There’s also one of those “two free issues! 80% off!” subscription cards. The “Ab Blast” and “moves on the go” are the real value here for me. Four stars.

The Production: The workouts were nicely shot. They cut back and forth between an outdoor garden setting and some kind of converted loft space that looks like it might be a hip downtown restaurant. The sets are decorated with candles and plants, so it was pleasant to watch while I was lying on the mat with my stomach muscles on fire–a nice change from the grim-looking gym floors in some workout videos. The menus were clear and easy to navigate with attractive fonts. Production is hardly the most important part of a fitness vid (and most titles show it!), but this one really shines. Five stars.

Overall: The workout is accessible, challenging, and flexible. The instructor is good, the extras are okay, and the production is top-rate. Five stars.

Review by SAB:

Positives first: I very much like the flexible format (select combinations of workouts of ~30 minutes or full 1 hour, warm up and cool down that can be selected separately). I also like the instructor — as others have said, her enthusiasm comes through strong and clear, and she is encouraging and positive without going “over the edge” to annoying. On the minus side: the pilates elements are tough moves, that are challenging (good) but hard for a beginner. I believe this would benefit greatly from a second on-screen participant who provided some alternatives to the moves that Kristin is using. I frankly just can’t keep my butt in the air as long as she can, or my neck and shoulders curled off the floor, without giving out. I’ve attempted to invent some alternatives of my own while my strength/stamina is building, but it would be great if there were “approved” alternatives demonstrated. I’ll keep trying, and I hope I can manage the moves Kristin is doing in some future time!

Buy Weight Loss Pilates now for only $ 9.14!

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