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Nature Made Antioxidant Formula Softgels, 60-Count Bottles (Pack of 3)

Nature Made Antioxidant Formula 3-pack/60-count

  • Three 60-count tablets (total of 180-count tablets)
  • Vitamin supplement; contains vitamin A, C and E
  • Helps support the immune system
  • Protects body against free-radical damage
  • Slow the effects of the aging process

Rating: (out of 1 reviews)

List Price: $ 32.97
Price: $ 26.28

Nature Made Antioxidant Formula Softgels, 60-Count Bottles (Pack of 3) Reviews

Buy Nature Made Antioxidant Formula Softgels, 60-Count Bottles (Pack of 3) now for only $ 26.28!

Weil Nutritional Daily Antioxidant for Optimum Health, Vegi-Caps, 60-Count Bottle

Antioxidant for Optimum Health by Weil Nutritional – 60-Count Bottle

  • One bottle containing 60 vegetarian capsules of antioxidant supplement
  • Includes all eight of the vital compounds that make up natural vitamin E, including natural mixed tocopherols and tocotrienols
  • Provides a potent mix of antioxidants that may help reduce harm caused by free radicals
  • Made by manufacturer who meets Good Manufacturing Practices
  • Includes no preservatives, artificial colors, or flavorings

Rating: (out of 3 reviews)

List Price: $ 43.99
Price: $ 19.07

Weil Nutritional Daily Antioxidant for Optimum Health, Vegi-Caps, 60-Count Bottle Reviews

Review by A. Spencer:

Very high quality antioxidant formula. Carefully selected with some very effective antioxidants. You can always trust Dr. Weil’s supplements.

Review by mommy diva:

My husband and I are taking this product and feel great. The only thing was that it took forever to get to us. No complaints though since I got the super saver shipping. I will buy again considering the discount – I checked around and Amazon has the best prices. Also, I’ll have to account for the 3 1/2 week ship time frame. No biggie but I didn’t time my vitamins right. I ran out of my other brand and had 2 weeks of nothing so I could feel the difference right away with this product.

Buy Weil Nutritional Daily Antioxidant for Optimum Health, Vegi-Caps, 60-Count Bottle now for only $ 19.07!

The Super Antioxidant Diet and Nutrition Guide: A Health Plan for the Body, Mind, and Spirit

A diet rich in antioxidants helps prevent cancer, diabetes, arthritis, excessive weight gain, and premature aging. The Super Anti-oxidant Diet and Nutrition Guide is a total health plan that helps readers adopt and live a lifestyle that unlocks the natural power of antioxidants for superior health.Gourmet chef and former marketing director for Whole Foods Market, Robin Jeep offers a plan that is reasonable, easy to follow and acknowledges that eating for whole health can include some meats, poultry, and fish. In addition to 171 Vibrant Cuisine recipes, the book also includes: Three weeks of high antioxidant, simple, easy-to-follow menus, including menus for people in need of an anti-inflammatory regime; a seven-fold plan that helps readers follow a super antioxidant diet for seven weeks, and developing a lifestyle that includes getting enough water, physical exercise, rest, awareness, fresh air and sunshine, and practicing natural personal hygiene; and a kitchen make-over that can transform the way readers cook and eat.The Super Anti-oxidant Diet and Nutrition Guide is not only for those who want to eat a more healthy diet–it’s for those who want to enjoy the many benefits that come from living a totally healthful lifestyle.

  • ISBN13: 9781571745576
  • Condition: NEW
  • Notes: Brand New from Publisher. No Remainder Mark.

Rating: (out of 20 reviews)

List Price: $ 19.95
Price: $ 10.56

The Super Antioxidant Diet and Nutrition Guide: A Health Plan for the Body, Mind, and Spirit Reviews

Review by Arlene Dodson:

My husband and I tried the eating and exercise from this book. We not only shed pounds quickly, we feel healthier than ever–less pain and allergies. Blood tests before and after showed reduced inflamation, lower triglycerides, huge increase in red blood cells and infection fighting T-cells. I finally feel like I’m cooking in a healthy way. Dr. Couey has the science behind it and Robin’s recipes and hints on buying and cooking healthy really help me transition to a lifestyle I think we can keep. A nice sidelight is that this helped my lifetime reflux and constipation.

I gave my first copy to a friend and referring my friends. Now I’m ordering another one.

Review by Midwest Book Review:

The collaborative work of culinary expert Robin Jeep, nutrition expert Richard Couey, and health/nutrition writer Sherie Pitman Ellington, “The Super Antioxidant Diet And Nutrition Guide: A Health Plan For the body, Mind, And Spirit” is a single volume course of informed instruction specifically designed for the non-specialist general reader seeking to maximize their physical health, well-being, and disease prevention. Enhanced with the inclusion of 171 gourmet quality recipes rich in antioxidant factors, “The Super Antioxidant Diet And Nutrition Guide” will enable anyone to naturally attain and maintain their ideal weight, develop a natural desire for healthy foods, learn how to reduce stress and increase physical energy, enhance memory and mental clarity, strengthen their body’s immune system, slow down the aging process, and maintain the highest quality of life they can. In addition to ‘kitchen cook friendly’ recipes ranging from an Indian Vegetable Curry, to Pomegranate Poached Pears with Berry-Berry Sauce, to a Tofu-Vegetable Chili, “The Super Antioxidant Diet And Nutrition Guide” also features meal plans, step-by-step instructions to consistently achieving improved health, a plan for moderate physical fitness, and practical advice for working for (and achieving) personal growth. Nicely organized into major sections dealing with Reclaiming Health, Vibrant Cuisine (with a section of full-color photographs), and a ‘Journey to Wholeness’, “The Super Antioxidant Diet And Nutrition Guide” concludes with extensive Endnotes and a Resources section, making it an ideal and strongly recommended addition to personal, family, and community library Health & Medicine reference collections and supplemental reading lists.

Buy The Super Antioxidant Diet and Nutrition Guide: A Health Plan for the Body, Mind, and Spirit now for only $ 10.56!

Spring Valley – Antioxidant Formula, Vitamin A, C, E with Minerals, 60 Ct

This advanced antioxidant complex combines the free-radical-fighting power of vitamins A, C and E and Minerals for an optimum defensive nourishment.

  • May enhance the immune function and contains three powerful antioxidants, A, C, E.

Rating: (out of 2 reviews)

List Price: $ 9.42
Price: $ 4.44

Spring Valley – Antioxidant Formula, Vitamin A, C, E with Minerals, 60 Ct Reviews

Review by R. Sweat:

I have been taking this product for 10 years and I have NEVER had the flu. I seldom get colds. I can’t remember when the last time I had a cold. This antioxidant it the best product I have ever used. Can’t believe they have discontinued this.

Buy Spring Valley – Antioxidant Formula, Vitamin A, C, E with Minerals, 60 Ct now for only $ 4.44!

The Antioxidant Miracle: Put Lipoic Acid, Pycnogenol, and Vitamins E and C to Work for You

Imagine there was an easy way you could keep your heart strong, your mind sharp, and your body youthful. Imagine this program could keep you young, improve your sex life, prevent cancer and heart disease, and keep your skin supple and wrinkle-free. And perhaps best of all, imagine this was something readily available at your local drugstore or natural food store. These and other benefits are the miraculous results of antioxidants. Lester Packer is the world’s foremost authority on these natural healers. In The Antioxidant Miracle, he explains for the first time exactly how you can design a practical, personalized antioxidant program for disease prevention and optimal wellness. The Antioxidant Miracle is the first popular book to reveal the full range of healing benefits of lipoic acid, the most versatile and powerful antioxidant and nature’s secret weapon in treating heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and liver disease. This breakthrough book also unveils the astonishing strength of the antioxidant network, the combination of vitamin E, vitamin C, lipoic acid, Co Q10, and glutathione that—when taken together in the proper amounts—battles disease and aging far more aggressively than supplements taken individually. After an accessible explanation of the science behind antioxidants, Packer and bestselling health writer Carol Colman show you how to develop your own state-of-the-art supplement regimen designed to keep your body strong, your brain at full speed, and your antioxidant network working at its peak. They include specialized supplement programs for smokers, diabetics, people with a family history of cancer or heart disease, menopausal women, athletes, and picky eaters. You’ll find out how to incorporate antioxidant-rich foods easily into your diet and develop your own plan for smooth, healthy, young looking skin. And you’ll discover the benefits of “booster” antioxidants—bioflavonoids like ginkgo

  • ISBN13: 9780471353119
  • Condition: USED – VERY GOOD
  • Notes:

Rating: (out of 20 reviews)

List Price: $ 15.95
Price: $ 5.56

The Antioxidant Miracle: Put Lipoic Acid, Pycnogenol, and Vitamins E and C to Work for You Reviews

Review by Spiff:

I liked Packer’s book. He managed to leave the subject interesting enough for people who are not experienced with antioxidants. I honestly had little clue about it and the book explains things quite well.Of course only an expert can point any serious mistakes in this book and maybe other flaws, but the public in general will like it. After reading the book, I thought it was amazing how people were not taking those antioxidant cocktails, it makes no sense, why not?Of course, after visiting a few health shops (locally and on the internet) my doubts were cleared. THE PRICE. Buying all supplements separately is outrageously expensive (At least for 24 year old unemployed student like me). Buying the whole pack from Lester will be cheaper, but we’re still talking about some considerable $. Of course, the first move is to change your diet and start eating better, then choose the supplements better for you (in all a$pects). Packer does repeat himself a bit, but it makes sense repeating some info in different areas of the book. Overall I liked it…

Review by Jeff Reese:

This is the book I recommend to my intelligent friends who have been skeptical about the many claims being made for antioxidents, who are confused by the great array of conflicting nutritional viewpoints, or who have been resistant to the idea of taking nutritional supplements . Although having the word “miracle” in the title may be a “turn-off” for some of the more skeptical readers, it is not a reflection on the integrity of the scientific information Dr. Packer provides and I suspect it was probably chosen to make the book more “marketable” to the general public. In my experience, some of the best books on health are written by senior scientists who are secure enough in their careers that they can say what they really think and know, motivated by humanitarian concerns rather than catering to the agendas of tenure review committees, peers, and corporate sponsors and who are not out to promote their own products or books. Dr. Packer fills the bill as a trustworthy, extremely knowledgeable expert who is in a position to give us an accurate analysis of the state-of-the-art knowledge and the future promise of antioxidents in human health. I figured I already knew a lot about antioxidents, but I was surprised by new information on almost every page. I especially enjoyed reading about how the antioxidents interact in a “network” and the important role of the little known antioxident, Lipoic Acid. Dr. Packer strikes a nice balance either between being too technical or being too simplistic for the educated lay reader. Although I think you will really learn a great deal from reading the whole book, if you do nothing else, get this book and skip to the back and follow the suggestions in the “Packer Plan” which can be very easily accomplished. My hat’s off to you, Dr. Packer, for writing this fine book which is bound to positively effect the health of just about everyone who follows your suggestions.

Buy The Antioxidant Miracle: Put Lipoic Acid, Pycnogenol, and Vitamins E and C to Work for You now for only $ 5.56!

Super Antioxidants 120 vcaps

This comprehensive blend of potent herb and fruit extracts has been designed to provide a broad spectrum of flavonoids with scientifically demonstrated antioxidant activity. These herbs and fruits have been renowned throughout the world for centuries for their ability to maintain optimal well being.

* Picture may be of different size or flavor

  • Phtyoflavonoid formula
  • Maintains optimal health
  • Vegetarian

List Price: $ 33.99
Price: $ 15.95

Protegra Antioxidant Formula Vitamin and Mineral Supplement Softgels, 60-Count Packages (Pack of 2)

Vitamin & Mineral Supplement. Helps protect against cell damage and premature aging. With super-antioxidant Grape Seed Extract and Natural Vitamin E. SmartCare – Nutrition above and beyond the minimum. Vitamin E, C and A – Work together to help neutralize

  • Pack of 2, 60 count packages (total of 120 counts)
  • With super-antioxidant grape seed extract and natural vitamin E
  • Helps protect against cell damage and premature aging
  • Vitamin and mineral supplement

Rating: (out of 1 reviews)

List Price: $ 20.07
Price: $ 17.74

Protegra Antioxidant Formula Vitamin and Mineral Supplement Softgels, 60-Count Packages (Pack of 2) Reviews

Buy Protegra Antioxidant Formula Vitamin and Mineral Supplement Softgels, 60-Count Packages (Pack of 2) now for only $ 17.74!

Biotivia, Bio Quench Super Antioxidant,Amazing ORAC Rating of 13,580, Dietary supplement, 60 capsules, 500mg

Bioforte has become the world’s most popular longevity supplement. It is now the lowest cost per 100mg of all Consumer Lab approved resveratrol brands. Bioforte is also second only to Transmax in potency. For proven quality, integrity potency and value no other resveratrol product compares to Bioforte. If that was not already enough to make Bioforte the top selling resveratrol supplement, now we offer dramatically increased vital biovailability. Resveratrol’s extraordinary effects as shown in the Harvard study of Nov. 2006 speak for themselves. Bioforte’s critical GM-Free Trans-Resveratrol content is an exceptional 250mg., manufactered to FDA CGMP standards and packed in Nitrogen-filled bottles. Satisfaction is 100% guananteed.

  • Super antioxidant
  • Trans-resveratrol 75%
  • Dietary supplement

Rating: (out of 5 reviews)

List Price: $ 29.95
Price: $ 26.95

Biotivia, Bio Quench Super Antioxidant,Amazing ORAC Rating of 13,580, Dietary supplement, 60 capsules, 500mg Reviews

Review by Andrew Jackson:

This item clearly said that it is 500mg of Resveritrol, yet when I received it, it only has 150 mg of Resveritrol with their own added ingredients and with their ingredients, it adds up to 500mg, but not of Resveritrol which is what I had entered in the search engine. This is the second time misleading information has been placed on Amazon.com; NOW Resveritrol did the same thing when they advertised 250 mg of Resveritrol but when I received it, it had only 10 mg. This is unethical an deceitful. Most probably don’t read the labels once they received their product. This has been returned.

Review by Dave:

I take one of these every morning with a 2 BioSpan. I get 250mg of TransResveratrol. TransResveratrol is the pure form that was used in the research studies at Harvard University. Dr Sinclair however used TransResveratrol from the Brand name Transmax from Biotivia. Transmax is 100% TransResveratrol. I take 2 of these 1 hour before working out. I also take 2 Bioforge 1 hour before workouts. I have found through my own experiments that this combination will help me to knock 1.5 minutes off my mile swim. This should also work for running and cycling. My wife uses a different combination for aerobics. She states that it helps her to stay with the young women. We are both in our mid 60’s we have found that our coordination has improved with a combination of exercise and Resveratrol products. [...] If you are getting what you pay for you will get the results. I have searched the web for months and I do not know of another company that actually makes a Resveratrol product that also tests in a lab to have what the product states it has. Sometimes I buy others products just to try, but I am very confident that if you want the best, you should get it [...] Just know that Biotivia has been in business for over 20 years, well before the copy cats began touting their inferior products.

Buy Biotivia, Bio Quench Super Antioxidant,Amazing ORAC Rating of 13,580, Dietary supplement, 60 capsules, 500mg now for only $ 26.95!

Earth’s Best 2nd Antioxidant Variety Pack, 4 Ounce Jars (Pack of 12)

New Earth’s Best Organic Seasonal Harvest Blends intorduce baby to holiday favorites made just for them. These delicious combinations bring in all the flavors of the season for baby to enjoy and make the perfect balanced meal – inclucing a dinner variety, two vegetable varieties and a fruit variety. Made with not artificial flavors, colors or preservatives – only ingredients grown from the earth without harmful pesticides. For babies 6 months and older

  • Excellent Source of vitamin C
  • No artificial flavors, colors or preservatives
  • Kosher Certified

Rating: (out of 9 reviews)

List Price: $ 16.80
Price: $ 10.99

Earth’s Best 2nd Antioxidant Variety Pack, 4 Ounce Jars (Pack of 12) Reviews

Review by Danielle M. Smith:

Earth’s Best Baby Food

My favorite brand of baby food by far. Both my son (who is now over 2 years old) and my daughter (now almost one) have used a wide variety of foods from Earth’s Best. I am a huge proponent of feeding children primarily organic and/or locally grown foods to promote proper nutrition and growth. But I do not feel that all organic brands are equal. I’ve tried many varieties (including store brands and others only available through internet purchase) and found that Earth’s Best is by far the best for your money.

Antioxidant Variety Pack

We’ve loved this variety so far. I never noticed it when my son was eating baby food, but now my daughter has one at least once a day. They tend to be a veggie heavy variety and my daughter would rather have veggies than fruit most days. The only one in the variety she can’t eat so far is the Banana Mango, because of an allergy to mangos, but I’m hoping to save those for a later date when she can tolerate it better.

The only thing I didn’t like about this product was that when I initially was deciding to purchase it I couldn’t find out what varieties were included in the pack. So for your information they are: Carrot Tomato, Sweet Potato Apricot, Apple Butternut Squash, and Banana Mango.

Review by Idaho Mom:

I live this variety. The flavors with meat give me the creeps and none of these have meat. The tomato/carrot is my sons favorite. I used it as pasta sauce for him when he started eating finger food.

Buy Earth’s Best 2nd Antioxidant Variety Pack, 4 Ounce Jars (Pack of 12) now for only $ 10.99!

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