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Fish Oil and Macular Degeneration

[14 May 2009 | 4 Comments | 10 views | Author: Xtend Life]
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Question: from Ruth

Actually I am writing about a news letter received from Visivite in New York.

They report about a new study (long term to finish in 2012) by a national organization to test the value of Omega 3 oil in the prevention of ‘wet’ macular degeneration.

I already take the combination of vitamins, minerals, leutin and zeaxanthin recommended some years ago and now sold in the UK. In addition I take two capsules of your Omega 3 preparation. However, they are using the following in their study: 1228 mg. Omega 3 oil containing 650 mg EPA and 350 DHA.

Taking two capsules a day I get 520 mg DHA from your capsules but only 200mg EPA. Is there a reason for this balance in your oil? Is there another way to get the balance of EPA recommended?

Answer: from Warren Matthews of Xtend-Life

Actually, the amount of DHA per soft gel in our Omega 3 is generally closer to 300mgs. We just state a lower level on the label.

The reason why we focus on DHA is that it is easily converted to EPA if they body needs more EPA. This is because DHA has 22 double carbon bonds versus EPA at 20 double carbon bonds. So the body only has to drop off 2 double carbon bonds from the DHA and it then it has EPA. On the other hand it is very difficult for the body to make DHA from EPA.

Most oils are higher in EPA because it is cheaper to produce oil with higher EPA than DHA. But it is DHA which is the really valuable part of the Omega 3.

By the way, did you realize that our Total Balance contains not only Lutein and a very high quality zeaxanthin but also bilberry extract and other nutrients that are still good for the eyes? Might pay to check it out as you may get more benefits for similar or less cost.

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