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First aid for leg injuries

[8 Nov 2010 | One Comment | | Author: ]
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First aid for leg injuries is a process that all parents, coaches, trainers and teachers should understand. Leg injuries are fairly common occurrences on the football field, basketball courts, baseball field and soccer field. And they aren’t limited to athletic endeavors but can happen while sledding, walking down the steps, or jumping on the bed (something mom is always tells the kids NOT to do).

First aid for leg injuries can make the difference between an injury that is treated conservatively or requires surgical reconstruction. Those people who are on the scene immediately at a car accident may also be faced with a passenger or driver whose leg is injured and requires stabilization before the EMTs arrive.

But, it should be stressed that if you are dealing with a person at the scene of a car accident the victims shouldn’t be moved or taken from the car until the Emergency Medical Technicians arrive unless there is a risk of fire.

Leg bones can be displaced, fractured or broken by a traumatic impact, twisting or a direct blow. When a bone breaks the victim may suffer not only the actual break but also other complications at the scene of the accident. Whether the accident is on the football field, the basketball court, the house or a car accident the first objective is to survey the situation and determine if an immediate ambulance is necessary.

A child or adult who suffers from a broken leg can also experience shock and low blood pressure that threatens their very life. When a person experiences shock they become cold, clammy, dizzy, blurred vision, headache and altered consciousness. An ambulance should be summoned immediately.

A child or adult with a broken limb or leg that requires first aid will have obvious bruising, swelling, point tenderness on the leg, and increased pain when the leg is moved. There are specific things that should be done at the scene of the accident to provide first aid for leg injuries that will aid in the healing and recovery process.

The first thing to remember is that the less you have to move the leg the less pain the person will experience and the less chance you have of increasing the injury. If there is an apparent sprain or strain you can support the person to the car without much risk to increase the injury. But if there is an obvious break to the leg, if there is bone outside the skin or if the leg is bent at an abnormal angle, it is best to keep the person immobile while the ambulance is called.

If there is an open wound around the break in the leg you must control the bleeding without putting pressure on the open bone itself. If you are able, cover the wound with a clean sheet or cloth that doesn’t shed to prevent infection of the wound. If you arent sure if the material you have is clean or is shedding lint then do not cover the wound.

It is important to also assure the victim that there is help coming and that you will care for them. If there is the chance of shock the victim will respond better and have a greater chance of recovery when they are assured of their safety and that help is coming. Once you have reached 911 and an ambulance is coming you may also call the emergency room at the hospital for instructions on how to help the victim stay out of shock before the paramedics arrive.

First aid for leg injuries can be as simple as placing a brace and getting the child home to their parents and as complicated as preventing shock and immobilizes a leg before the emergency medical professionals arrive. In either case it is the first responder who shoulders the responsibility of caring for the victim.

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  • Miriam said:

    Great post! This is not just informative but also helpful. We could use it when a sudden accident occurs. Thank you so much for this wonderful blog. I really, really appreciate it.

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