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Finding Ways Past Passive Aggressive Behavior


Finding Ways Past Passive Aggressive Behavior

Keep in mind that just because you might be afflicted with passive-aggressive behaviors it is still very possible to unlearn them and get on with your life!

When somebody is feeling stressed it is possible for them to end up displaying passive aggressive behavior, or passive avoidance behavior.

Instead of dealing with their emotions in constructive ways, a person displaying this type of behavior is likely to act out indirectly and in disruptive ways.

These types of behavior are often very strange.

Signs of Passive-Aggressive Behavior

A passive aggressive is likely to do things such as intentionally forget a celebration with a loved one or insulting someone with a joke, but indirectly.

They are not likely to come right out front and say something to an individual.

Other things that often appear are: always blaming someone else for their own mistake or behavior, constantly forgetting things, not relating to others on an emotional level and constantly disappointing those close to them.

If a person they love does them wrong they are likely to get back at them by using sabotage or deceit, while when confronted face to face they will deny any involvement in wrongdoing.

Finding Ways Past Passive Aggressive BehaviorCauses of Passive-Aggressive Behavior

The reason that this disorder appears in people is often because they went through traumatic childhood experiences where negative emotion is treated as being selfish or uncouth.

The end result is the individual suppressing the emotions until they cannot do so any longer and the symptoms are displayed.

This is not something that the person is doing consciously but happens somewhere in the back of their brain. They cannot really make any decisions or change their actions because they are not really aware of them, so to speak.

Even though the actions are subtle they can really hurt relationships when it occurs over a long period of time.

Keep in mind that just because you might be afflicted with these behaviors it is still very possible to unlearn them and get on with your life!

Dealing Naturally With Passive-Aggressive Behavior

Many people are starting to turn to herbal or homeopathic medicines to treat their symptoms. They are free from side effects and incredibly gentle on the body.

Nux Vom. is a homeopathic ingredient that is really good at helping people to suppress their anger or short tempers. Lycopodium is also very usuful for individuals who are not very good at expressing their emotions.

Chamomilla is an herb that is really good for people who tend to overreact in situations. It is really helpful in helping you to feel relaxed and treating any anxiety that is creeping around in your head. If you are unsure about which herbs or homeopathic ingredients to use then you should talk with either a local herbalist or homeopath.

PureCalm is a natural, safe and effective liquid herbal formula that works quickly to eliminate symptoms of tension, anxiety, stress, panic attacks and irritabilityPureCalm helps maintain balanced emotions during everyday pressure, stress and common nervous tension.

Created by a clinical psychologist, this remedy is pharmaceutically manufactured to the highest standards, combining the soothing properties of Lemon Balm with those of Lavender and Passion Flower, to bring you relief within minutes!

For those who suffer from chronic anxiety and severe panic attacks, combine PureCalm with MindSoothe for effective long-term reduction of your symptoms.

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