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Finding Satisfaction in Exercise Will Promote Better Sleeping

[9 Nov 2010 | No Comments | 20 views | Author: Jim Rollince]
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Finding Satisfaction in Exercise Will Promote Better SleepingLiving healthy is highly dependent on sleep , and good sleep is dependent on a number of variables – Most experts will tell you to practice the following:

  • Don’t eat before bed.
  • Keep ambient light out of the room.
  • Don’t use alarm clocks that wake you abruptly.
  • Eat a high protein snack before bed.
  • Get a fair amount of sunlight and/or be outside during the day.

What doctors fail to mention (or diagnose) is that improved sleep can be found through fitness diversity. To better explain what I mean, we need quickly revisit the human psyche – At our core, we’re genetically pre-programmed to pursue work and play.

For most, this “play” happens to involve engaging in physical activity, or more specifically, exercise! But most practitioners of fitness follow through with a simple, yet mundane routine that eventually leaves them bored. Boredom leads to restlessness; restlessness leads to increased brain activity prior to falling asleep.

During the day, your body and mind both need to feel as if they’ve accomplished something. Whether or not you’re running on treadmills, you should certainly remain active. And through that activity, attempt to find enjoyment. And just because you like your job, or relationship, doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re satisfied with all other environmental factors. Most people do much more outside of work, including intramural sports, trivia, and in some cases, extra work! – These are all great ways to stay active and eliminate tirelessness.

Yet, be careful as to not overdo one or the other; as I mentioned previously, some people like to frequent the gym and follow the same workout regimen daily. This is great if you’re entering into a weight-lifting competition, or you’re a professional athlete, but for most people, it won’t cut it in the long run.

Again, as human beings it’s required that we teach ourselves new things, while also teaching our body the same. This is inherently true with things like dance. More specifically, Zumba is an excellent example of something different, fun, and unique. The ability to genuinely enhance cardiovascular function and endurance, while practicing muscle memory routines effectively exercises the whole body. And simply put, it’s fun!

Undoubtedly, the most practical and enjoyable way to stay in shape is by playing intramural sports or engaging in a physically strenuous activity. Playing in an intramural dodge ball or kickball league can successfully burn fat and leave the body feeling accomplished. A majority of children are brought up to play sports, or some other engaging extra-curricular activity (i.e. – karate, kayaking, etc…)

Even things like mountain climbing, biking, quad racing, fishing, golfing, etc… – These are all great ways to actively stay in shape and improve sleep.

By switching up your exercise load, you can easily diversify your every day routine, keeping things fresh, and keeping your mind/body in a healthier, less stressful state. And I’m not encouraging that you devalue things like relationships and work; these are all very significant stress factors that must be attended to regularly. So aside from diet and supplemental pills, make sure you diversify your exercise/health routine as to not become burdened by what should ultimately be an enjoyable experience.

Finding Satisfaction in Exercise Will Promote Better Sleeping
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