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Finding Regional Holistic Medicine Practitioners

[6 Dec 2010 | No Comments | 2 views | Author: Dee Braun, DrR, CA, CCT]
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Using a holistic medicine practitioner is a personal decision. Holistic practitioners focus on the overall health and wellness of the individual as opposed to diagnosing and treating a particular set of symptoms. These practitioners see the body as a whole that encompasses emotional, mental, social, spiritual and physical health and therefore they also treat all these areas when they impact a set of symptoms.

Finding regional holistic medicine practitioners that fit your individual needs is an important piece of finding a practitioner who can help you with your medical issues. Holistic medicine also includes alternative and complementary medicine practitioners so this is a wide range of professionals who may be used to help alleviate your symptoms and help bring you back to good overall health.

Many times the best way to begin your journey is to ask for referrals from your friends, family and primary care physicians. In this way youll start with a list of practitioners with whom someone you know has a history. This may include a list of practitioners you are told to stay away from as well!

You may also find a practitioner by searching through listings of professionals in either their professional associations, using physician referral programs, calling your insurance company for a list of preferred providers or by finding the name or practice in a recent news article that extols the virtues of this professionals focus.

Once you have a list of practitioners it is important to begin by interviewing the office and office staff. You dont have to call requesting an interview but can call asking what type of services they provide, their financial arrangements and how they handle cancellations.

By asking questions and getting answers you can find out about the services as well as how friendly the staff is to phone customers, how well they understand the services they provide and how accommodating they are with financial arrangements or handling cancellations.

Keep a table of information on each office you call. Gather the information on paper. Dont trust your memory. Once youve called more than two offices you may mix up who provides which service and for how much.

Take this information and narrow it down to two or three offices and then rank them. Call the office you ranked as number one and ask if you are able to come in to meet the practitioner to discuss their treatment options and evaluation methods. Sometimes the practitioner will give the first visit free to help you and them get to know each other. Sometimes the first overall evaluation is paid for only if you decide to continue treatment with the office.

In any case it is important to meet and discuss your options with the practitioner before placing your health in the hands of another. Always remember that your health is ultimately your responsibility. So, while you may like your practitioner and believe that what they are recommending will be effective it is also your responsibility to check out the recommendation and do your own due diligence. The same holds true for those who practice traditional Western Medicine. After all it wont be the practitioner who suffers the consequences if the recommended treatment isnt effective.

Once you have decided upon a practitioner dont get caught into the belief that you cant leave. If your gut is telling you that what is being recommended isnt right believe yourself and get a second opinion!

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