Finding Out All You Can About Migraines

Finding out all you can about migraines

A headache known as a migraine is a form of what is called a “vascular headache”.

If you are newly diagnosed with migraines, know someone who suffers from them or are doing research about the topic finding out all you can about migraines is important to you.

When you suffer from migraine headaches, finding all you can about them, will help you to find out answers you may have about how to relieve the pain and suffering you are going through.

If you know someone who is suffering from migraines, it is important for you to understand what they are going through so information about migraines is also important to you.

This article is one-stepping stone in your search for information about migraines.

Basic information about what migraines are:

A headache known as a migraine is a form of what is called a “vascular headache”. They are caused by enlargement of blood vessels and also the release of chemicals from nerve fibers.

Someone who suffers from migraines will refer to the event as a “migraine attack” because that accurately describes how they feel as if they are being physically attacked, or assaulted by many environmental and physical elements.

What causes the symptoms of a migraine?

These migraine attacks will activate the sympathetic nervous system in the individual’s body and the result will be the symptoms of the migraine such as pain, nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea.

As the attack progresses the individual will notice reactions such as pallor of the skin, cold hands and feet, sensitivity to sound and blurry vision.

Who is affected by migraines?

In America approximately 28 million individuals are affected by migraines. Statistically females tend to suffer from them more often than males.

Sufferers miss work or school as a result of the migraines and typically the majority of migraines go under treated and also under diagnosed with as few as 50% of sufferers being diagnosed and treated by a medical professional.

Describing the pain:

Migraines are a chronic condition, which means the person who is suffering will continue to do so long-term. There are recurrent migraine attacks but not all attacks include a headache. When a headache does occur it is usually described as being throbbing, or pounding in nature.

It typically involves only one temple and may be located in the forehead, around the eye area or at the back of the head.

As many as one-third of all migraine suffers, may experience pain on both sides of the head instead of just one side. Those who experience the pain on only one side will usually notice that they will feel pain on the opposite side the next time they have a migraine.

Warning Signs of an approaching migraine attack:

Many patients who have been diagnosed with migraines report noticing “warning signs” before experiencing a migraine attack. Warning signs vary, but may include cravings for sweet or salty foods, depression, euphoria, fatigue, irritability, yawning and sleepiness. An aura is experienced by approximately 20% of those who report having migraines.

Auras are described as being flashing, brightly colored lights that start in the center of vision and progress outward. Others have auras that are more like a black hole in their field of vision.

Elderly individuals may experience only the aura and not the headache while others may have more of an auditory aura, hallucinations or experience unusual tastes and smells before the migraine.

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