Fibromyalgia Flare Ups and the Lessons They Teach

Flare ups within the framework of fibromyalgia refer to the times when pain and fatigue are more pronounced than at other times. Flare ups are a subject of intense speculation, and patients who do not suffer from bad pains go to great lengths to discover what is making these flare ups happen in their lives. Situation based flare ups are often referred to as trigger events, and patients seek to ascertain which kinds of triggers are within their control to avoid.

Moreover, in some cases these triggers are beyond the patients control, except in the sense that the sufferer may have to remove themselves from the scope of the trigger.

* A common fibromyalgia flare up is triggered by stress. Patients who in the past never gave too much through to the stressful nature of their jobs suddenly realize that their bodies have been suffering for years. In some cases these stresses may be curtailed with a change in workload, surrounding, or position within a company. When this is not an acceptable solution and the work stress still triggers fibromyalgia flare ups, patients may have to decide to let go of a job that is more or less harming their bodies. It is interesting to note that they are taking a step that will help them to live an overall better life, but only after they have been taught by their fibromyalgia flare ups that this job to which they more or less clung sometimes for years has little to offer.

* Another lesson fibromyalgia flare ups are teaching patients is that their body requires a certain level of predictable care. Those accustomed to eat on the run, are now warned that this may cause a flare up. Instead, they are urged to sit down and enjoy a meal in peace and with sufficient time to allow the body to extract the nutrients from the food. Rest is another trigger that may cause fibromyalgia flare ups. People are known to curtail their sleep in favor of entertainment, work, and sometimes useless activities, even though their bodies are exhausted. When fibromyalgia is present, ignoring such bodily demands is unwise. Incidentally, giving in to the bodys need for rest makes the patients entire life a healthier one.

* Weather is the kind of trigger that is not within the framework of changeable variables in the life of a patient. On the other hand, if the pain is triggered in areas of high humidity or cold, such as Colorado, a move to a more stable climate, such as Arizona, is often considered a great way of eliminating a trigger.

* The flare ups associated with fibromyalgia also teach the patient a little something about her exercise habits. In some cases women have been known to overdo the strain they put on their bodies and the care they take of them in the aftermath of an exercise sessions. When exercise which is most certainly vital in keeping a fibromyalgia healthy leads to a flare up, it is important for the patient to take a very good look at the experience and ascertain which part of the exercise regimen is most likely contributing to the bodys triggering a pain episode. In some cases, a reworking of the exercise routines leads to trigger avoidance.

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