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Exercise or Programs to Improve Stress Incontinence

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Stress incontinence is a condition that results from an increase in pressure in the abdomen that increases the stress in the pelvis which results in urine leakage. These increases in pressure are caused from coughing, laughing, sneezing and exercise. Women most commonly suffer from this condition as they grow older. And women who have had children have a higher risk of developing this condition.

Urinary incontinence or stress incontinence is more common in women over 50 but it can also affect younger people, especially women who have just given birth. About 12 million adults in the United States suffer from this condition.

There are several different reasons that people can suffer from stress incontinence which will affect the exercise or programs used to improve stress incontinence. These reason can include a drying of the skin in the vagina, weakened pelvic muscles, enlarge prostate gland or prostate surgery or constipation. Once the cause of the problem is diagnosed then an appropriate treatment can be recommended.

For instance, if the stress incontinence is caused by constipation then relieving the bowel blockage will improve the situation. In the case of women who have drying of the skin in the vagina hormonal creams will help to improve the situation. Men with prostate gland enlargement will need to have the problem addressed and treated to cure the stress incontinence.

For most women stress incontinence is not a normal part of aging but rather a result of stresses placed on the body over the years combined with weakened pelvic muscles. Women who have given birth are at greater risk for weaker pelvic muscles.

There are exercises that can be used to strengthen those muscles for women and men and decrease the incidence of stress incontinence with coughing, laughing and sneezing. The majority of practitioners will recommend that both men and women practice Kegel exercises.

Kegel exercises are those that help to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles that control the bladder. These exercise can be done anywhere, at anytime and no one knows that you are doing them. One of the great side effects of these exercises is that they also strengthen the lower abdominal muscles as well which are more difficult to strengthen using normal crunches and sit ups.

Depending upon how often and how diligent you are doing these exercises it can take between 2 and 6 months to see an improvement in your stress incontinence. And once improvement has been reached you must continue to do the exercises so that the muscles dont weaken from disuse.

To do the exercises you must locate the correct muscle to tighten. Many people find it helpful to do this while sitting on a toilet because they are the muscles used to stop a stream of urine. You will attempt to stop urinating without using your stomach or buttock muscles. When you are able to slow or stop the stream you have located the right muscles. If your muscles are significantly weakened dont expect to be able to stop the stream but you will notice a slowing.

Once you have located the muscles and can reproduce the movement you will squeeze these muscles for a count of 10 and then relax for a count of 10 about 20 times 3 to 4 times a day. Because these exercises can be done while driving the car or sitting in front of the television or computer they can easily be worked into your schedule.

You may have to start the exercises slower, holding for a count of 5 and relaxing for 10 for 10 times 3 to 4 times a day but you will be able to work up to holding for 10 seconds with work and patience.

Using exercises and programs to improve stress incontinence will help to eliminate the embarrassment and inconvenience of taking care of stress incontinence every day.

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