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Essential oils to reduce smoking withdrawal symptoms

[3 Mar 2012 | 3 Comments | | Author: ]
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Aromatherapy  change moods and influence how you feel. Try experimenting with the oils of thyme, ylang ylang and pine. Put ten drops of each oil mixed with ten drops of a base oil such as jojoba. Inhale this mixture often and see if it helps stop the craving for cigarettes.

Another blend that might help relieve the effects of nicotine addiction includes lavender, marjoram , palmarosa, frankincense, geranium, cedarwood and vetiver. This is a strong blend of oils, but ten drops of each oil mixed with an equal part of base oil helps relieve anxiety, stress, nervousness and the withdrawals.

This blend can be inhaled through a tissue, cotton handkerchief or cotton ball. Use it in a room diffuser around you for support too. Single oils such as peppermint, cinnamon or nutmeg help with the feeling of needing to smoke. Keep the bottles around you and pick one up if you feel the need for a cigarette.

Black pepper oil is another singular note essential oil that works for some to stop smoking. Experiment with some of these when trying to stop smoking naturally. Some oils may work better than others work, keep trying until you find the one you like. Mix them up as well. One day try one oil and another day try a different oil. You will find they may work differently on different days. asp

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