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Essential Fatty Acids and ADD, ADHD


Essential Fatty Acids and ADD, ADHD

Much research has been done to prove that one of the recurring the difference between children with ADD symptoms and those without is the difference in the levels of essential fatty acids.

Given that childhood ADD has become a major concern for the country over the past decade, there are many child ADHD treatments that are being explored.

There is a certain group of experts that believe that a fruitful ADD treatment can be created by managing diet. And among this set of people, there is a belief that deficiencies in essential fatty acids and amino acids may contribute to attention deficit disorder.

The Research

Much research has been done to prove that one of the recurring the difference between children with ADD symptoms and those without is the difference in the levels of essential fatty acids.

The first such connection was made in 1981 when researchers examined essential fatty acid levels in children with behavioral problems and found them to be less than required. Purdue University researchers have boys with levels of Omega-3 in their blood have a higher frequency of attention deficit disorder.

A study conducted by Oxford University showed that the symptoms of ADD children improved significantly after their diet was supplemented with essential fatty acids as compared to the control group.

Benefits of Essential Fatty Acids

Fatty acids play a key role in making brain and nerve tissues and are crucial during the growth phases of the child. They aid proper mental growth and also strengthen the immune system.

Types and Sources of Fatty Acids

There two kinds of fatty acids ‘ Omega-3 and Omega-6 and it is essential to understand the source of these fatty acids since the body cannot synthesize them and they need to be ingested through diet in the system.

Omega-3 can be found in salmon, mackerel and herring and Omega-6 can be found in most cooking oils like sunflower, soybean and corn oil.

Though the western diet provides enough opportunities for the intake of Omega-6 through the edible oils, many children refuse to eat fish like salmon and mackerel. In such cases you should try flax seed or flax oil.

Other manners in which you can provide essential fatty acids is by EFA supplements like fish oil, DHA / EFA supplements and primrose oil. Try and eat good fats like olive oil, fish oil and canola oil. Reduce the intake the quantity of hydrogenated fats and avoid food additives.

With a little bit of care and management of the diet to include adequate amounts of essential fatty acids in your diet, you will realize that you can make a great difference and may only need a small amount of herbal remedy for ADD to keep things under control.

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