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Here’s an energy technique for pain relief you can try. Rub your hands together and then shake them off. Then place your left hand a few inches out from the painful area.

Make counterclockwise circles over the painful area (a few inches out – not actually touching) for up to about 3 minutes. The clock would be on the body part in pain, facing out, so that you could read the clock when looking at the painful body area.

Your left hand tends to draw energy to it, and counterclockwise circles tend to pull energy out. Let your right hand hang out from your body, so it is not touching you or the person in pain if you are treating someone else, because the energy you are pulling out will tend to go through you and exit out your right hand. After 2 or 3 minutes of counter-clockwise circles, shake your hands off to get rid of any energy stuck on them.

Now take your right hand, and make clockwise circles over the same area, for no more than half the time you spent going counterclockwise. Clockwise circles with the right hand are for delivering new, fresh energy to the area, and smoothing it over.

You don’t want to put too much energy in there, especially since pain is an indication of over-energy. You can also try drawing little sideways figure 8s in the air, all around the painful area, to see if that helps with pain relief.

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