Energy-Saving Gadgets That Help you Save Money and Save the Earth

1. Battery Recharger

A battery recharger is not another useless gizmo. It genuinely saves money and cuts down waste. Naturally, you will need to buy rechargeable batteries to go with it, but the savings add up quickly. A battery recharger is particularly advantageous if you have kids with battery-eating toys.

2. Energy-Efficient Light Bulbs

You have likely heard a good deal about compact fluorescent bulbs or CFLs, but that is because they actually do save energy. They’re appealing little gizmos with their twisty shape, but if you own lampshades that fit over conventional electric-light bulbs, CFLs come housed in a light bulb-shaped casing. Types and sizes of CFLs are forever expanding, from exterior lighting to lamps.

3. The Energy Detective

This gizmo will fulfill your inner geek and spare you money. It’s a tiny, simple device that clamps onto the incoming channels of your breaker box. The device apprehends info about how much electrical energy is being used, and then transmits that info to a “Gateway,” which stores the data.

The Gateway is plugged into any electric outlet, and sends the data wirelessly to a tiny, wireless, LED display screen. View the screen to determine how much electrical energy you’re using in real time. Now you will be able to pick and choose where, when and how to cut back on your energy consumption around your house.

4. Solar Lights for Outdoors

Whether you would like to light your porch steps, driveway, or add appealing lighting to your garden, solar lights are swell gadgets that have a genuine application. They save tremendous amounts of energy and many of them will come on automatically when it starts to become dark. You are able to get solar-powered Christmas lights for outside decorating, as well.

5. Programmable Thermostats

This is a gizmo that genuinely salvages energy. It offers exact temperature control – a really helpful thing when one or two degrees in the temperature positioning may constitute a large difference. The thermostat will turn itself on and off automatically once it is programmed, so you do not need to try to remember to do it. You are able to adjust it so the house is warm when you get up and cool when you go to bed, and still save energy. This is one of those contraptions that adds to interior comfort and nevertheless saves money.

6. Light Timers

Whether it is your desk lamp, exterior flood lamp, or Christmas tree lights, timers are priceless for safety and energy savings. Adjust the timer so the Christmas lights or room lamps are off at bedtime and when you are not home, and then on at dusk. This not solely gives the appearance that somebody is home at dark, but it also prevents fires from accidentally leaving the Christmas lights on. You merely need to adjust the timing to coincide with your schedule.

Most lamp timers have multiple settings; you are able to adjust the lights to come on and off at anywhere from 4 to 6 different intervals. Some timers have 24 tabs, one per 60 minutes, and you can press them in or pull them out at numerous intervals.

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