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Emergency Care for Epilepsy

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epilepsyEpilepsy and seizure activity are common diagnoses in the general population. It is important for those individuals who deal with a person who has epilepsy to know how to recognize when a person is having a seizure and what to do during the seizure. Watching someone have an epileptic attack or seizure is very frightening. When you recognize that the situation is happening you can help that individual when you know what to do and what not to do. Seizures generally only lasts a few minutes and do not require medical attention unless this is the very first seizure a person has ever had.

Seizures are sudden involuntary muscle contractions which are caused by abnormal electrical responses in the brain. These electrical responses can cause an alteration in consciousness, abnormal behaviors, abnormal sensations and is an alteration in autonomic functioning. This means that an individual who is having a seizure can appear to have convulsions, staring spells or lose control of bowel and bladder. These episodes can be simple or complex and are only labeled epilepsy if they recur.

How you help a person having a seizure depends upon the type of seizure and how long it lasts. It may also depend upon how the seizure affects the person’s consciousness and how severe it become. When you watch a person having a seizure you should carefully watch the nature of the seizure activity to confirm with the individual later that this was a common seizure for them. Motor symptoms can include involuntary muscle contractions of one part of the body or involuntary muscle contractions that spread throughout the body. People can also report sensory symptoms which are auditory or visual hallucinations or may complain of vertigo.

Patients may also complain of psychic symptoms such as complex hallucinations or allusions, unwanted anger or fear as well as pupillary dilation and sweating. Some people have an aura before a seizure and recognize that a seizure is imminent. These auras can include motor contractions of specific body parts or hallucinations.

When someone is having a seizure there are specific safety precautions which should be made in order to keep them safe. If the seizure activity includes generalized tonic clonic muscle contractions than it is important to loosen restrictive clothing and roll the person on their side in order to prevent them from aspirating. Aspiration is when an individual will breathe saliva into their lungs and cause significant damage to the lung tissue from the enzymes in the saliva.

If a person is unconscious make sure they have nothing obstructing their nose or mouth and stay calm. It is important not to panic. This is more often than not a condition that the individual is familiar with and is not life-threatening. Don’t ever place a finger or another object into a person’s mouth believing that you are protecting the teeth or tongue. This is dangerous and unnecessary.

Do not perform artificial respiration during a seizure even if the person is turning blue. Most seizures are over long before brain damage from lack of oxygen has a chance to begin. Do not try to restrain the person during seizure activity because you may end up injuring either that individual or yourself. If the person has vomitted be sure they have been rolled to their side and that any fluid is away from their mouth and not obstructing their breathing.

When a person is having a seizure they may not be able to hear you and may have lost consciousness even though they appear a wake. Do not give a person anything to eat or drink until they have fully recovered. This may take up to 30 minutes depending upon the severity of the seizure. Do not give people medication by mouth until the seizure has stopped and they are completely awake and alert.

Stay calm and reassuring to the individual who is having a seizure. Although this is a situation which they may understand and appreciate, having someone who is panicking will only make the situation worse. During a seizure it’s also important to monitor a person’s vital signs and neurological status.

After a few minutes any seizure activity should stop. Afterward let the person rest or sleep, most people will sleep deeply for a period of up to 30 minutes. When the person awakens they may be disoriented for awhile. You should repeat any information that the person has missed during the seizure and answer any questions they may have, even if that means repeating these answers.

Complications that occur from seizure activity are generally from falls that occur at the beginning of the seizure and include injuries from to the head or other bodily parts. Injury can also happen from the jerking during a tonic clonic seizure.

Call the doctor if you know this is a person’s first seizure or if the seizure lasts more than five minutes. If one seizure follows another without the person regaining consciousness than you should call an ambulance immediately. If an individual is pregnant or has diabetes or high blood pressure find medical help. Knowing how to help someone who has a seizure will help both increase your confidence and reduce the potential that the individual will be injured.

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