Eliminate Drama and Find Peace

Eliminate drama find peaceDo you ever feel constantly busy, worried, overwhelmed, tired, etc? Do you identify with the drama in your life and consider it normal?

If you’re being honest, it’s likely that you’ve recently felt one or more of these emotions in your life.

The drama we experience repeatedly in our daily lives gives us a sense of who we are. Many of us believe that drama is a necessary part of life, when in fact, drama is not even real.

Drama is an illusionary state of being based on our perceptions, which have been shaped over time by our past experiences.

It appears real only because we choose to believe it. Drama becomes our reality as a result of how we approach – often unconsciously – a situation.

How does drama manifest in your life?

Every time you announce how busy you are, you are telling the world and yourself that you are important. Important people are always busy, right? It is a way of expressing that someone is depending on you. It is a way of saying that you matter.

But, you may be inadvertently communicating that you think you are more important than the person you are talking to. What happens when someone tells you, in that same exasperated way, that he or she is so busy? Very likely it raises some questions. Why are they so busy? Are they doing something more important than I am? Should I be busier? It may also make you feel disconnected from that person: They are busy and therefore they have no time for me.

Perhaps your drama is always having a set of problems to deal with. You might be a people pleaser – always needing to fix things for others, but unable to give yourself any time or attention. When this happens, we think we are being generous and that we will make people like us, but it is exhausting and it ultimately doesn’t help anyone. It also creates a misconception that accepting help implies weakness. People who are constantly giving often have trouble asking for and accepting assistance when they need it.

Perhaps your drama comes in the form of neediness. Have you abdicated responsibility for yourself to others by allowing or expecting them to do things for you? People who do this also make themselves the most important beings in the room by forcing others to take care of them. Has your drama created a negative role that you must now perpetuate?

How does drama affect us emotionally and physically?

Drama shows up different in different people, but as a result of allowing it to rule our lives, we’ve all created an unproductive cycle of needing to outdo ourselves, and each other. We’re convinced that it makes us better people, but it actually leaves us worn out emotionally and physically.

Expressing that we are busy, that we have problems to deal with, or that we can’t do something, may make us feel better temporarily because it takes responsibility off of us. It lets us off the hook, at least for a moment, by giving us a circumstance or person to blame. Unfortunately, it only ends up attracting more drama (more busy-ness, more problems, more neediness).

The misperception of drama is not that things aren’t actually happening; it is in our illusion of those events. How much space in our lives is filled with things that, upon closer examination, are actually fairly unimportant? How much do we fill our days with static and noise?

Drama – the enemy of peace

No lasting inner peace can reside amidst constant drama. Drama has become what we say and do, and it is inappropriately shaping our reactions to and interactions with others. Because we carry our past with us, drama becomes a form of protection. Without drama, we feel left alone with our feelings of loneliness, scarcity and lack, with grievances and long-held resentments, or with a sense of missing out on life. We are left with fear. In return, we end up believing we are subject to the whims of life, rather than the creator of our lives.

If we are free of drama, however, we can be left with peace.

Would you rather live with the drama that brings you confusion, feelings of loneliness and separation from self and others? Or would you prefer to free yourself from your many reactions and feelings of struggle?

Altering this pattern and teaching ourselves peace can be done through the simple practice of awareness of our behaviors. We can train ourselves to desire peace of mind rather than continue to live with the unease we have come to accept as a normal part of life.

Consider drama a physical sign that we have the power to stop in a moment’s notice. Through our awareness we are able to recognize that we have the choice to change our behavior and in that change we begin to find peace of mind. Peace will ultimately replace the drama that is causing our unease.

You are in control of your actions. Choosing the right actions will ultimately put an end to any feeling that causes us emotional pain!

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Greg Malouf is the author of “Silent: The Power of Silence,” and founder of the Epsilon Healing Academy. He works to help people take a journey away from life as they know it and travel into the world of the ‘Self,’ which is where they will ultimately find healing. http://epsilonhealingacademy.com/

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